【How to Paint Wooden Furniture】Tips and guide to paint with enamel paint

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If you want your furniture to look fresh, you need to know how to paint the furniture. The wooden furniture will also peel off like the wall paint when it is used for a long time. No matter you are going to paint it yourself or to hire a professional house painter to do it for you, it is best for to have some basic knowledge about painting wooden furniture. Should we use brushing lacquer or enamel paint? How much are they? Is it more convenient to replace the wooden door rather than painting it?

What should I use to paint the wooden furniture? Brushing lacquer or enamel paint?

Latex paint cannot be used in wooden furniture. We need to use enamel paint or brushing lacquer. High-grade wooden furniture is often painted in brushing lacquer because it is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and has a better texture.

Brushing lacquer is more difficult to use for newbies, it is not recommended for non-professional painters to use. The finishing effect of brushing lacquer by a professional painter is way better than enamel paint. Although the sweep marks of enamel paint are more obvious than brushing lacquer, it is relatively simple to use and suitable for beginners.

Enamel paint Brushing lacquer
Usage Brush Oiliness: Mainly apply with spraying method
Texture Water-based: full gloss Have a matte texture
Waiting time for it to dry Longer (Can brush on and off) Shorter (has to be done fast and accurately)
Advantage Suitable for beginners  Better texture
Disadvantage Sweep marks are more obvious than brushing lacquer Require more advanced skills

Guide and costs to paint wooden furniture and wooden doors.

Enamel paint is suitable for applying on wooden and metal surfaces. It can protect the surface of the wood from mildew and has sufficient water resistance ability, while achieving a renovation effect. The minimum volume of enamel paint can start from 100ml. Generally, it takes less a 1L for furniture renovation. The price of 1L paint starts at $150.

Preparation tools:

  • Enamel paint
  • Turpentine
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic bucket
  • Stirring rod
  • Watson board/newspaper
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush

Step 1: Clean the door

First, polish the wooden door until it is smooth and suitable for painting. The steps are as follows:

  • Polish the door with sandpaper.
  • Sweep away the powder thoroughly.
  • Process until the door body is smooth.

Step 2: Dilute the enamel paint

【How to Paint Wooden Furniture】Tips and guide to paint with enamel paint

After the door is polished, dilute the enamel paint. The process is as follows: 

  • Open the enamel paint, and fully stir the enamel paint with a stirring rod (avoid the precipitation of enamel paint that affects the amount of dilution);
  • Pour to the plastic bucket after mixing evenly;
  • Add appropriate amount of turpentine (ratio 1/5) into the plastic bucket following the instructions on the enamel paint can. If the dilution is too much, it cannot cover the blemishes. If the dilution is too less, the paint will be thick, and the sweep lines will be obvious. The enamel paint is ready to use after it is stirred well.

Step 3: Paint the enamel paint

【How to Paint Wooden Furniture】Tips and guide to paint with enamel paint

Before painting, please lay the corrugated boards (available from hardware store) or newspapers on the floor for floor protection. If enamel paint falls on the floor, it will be difficult to clean.

The gesture to paint with enamel paint:

  • Dip the paint brush with paint to about half the area of the paint brush. Usually when you dip the paint brush to the enamel paint for the first time, there will be a lot of paint on the brush that make it difficult to control the amount while painting, which leads to the obvious sweeping lines. Please sweep over the edge of the plastic bucket until the paint does not drip.
  • Paint with top to bottom technique
  • Paint the wooden door evenly

After painting a layer, wait for it to dry following the instructions of the paint can. Most of the enamel paint on the market can dry and be repainted within 1-3 hours. We generally paint the wooden floor with enamel paint in two layers to cover the original door colour.

Pay attention to whether there are teardrops marks and sweep marks. Teardrops marks will appear after a while generally. If you see them, use a paint brush to smooth them.

Precautions for refurbishing using enamel paint

The enamel paint itself has a certain thickness. If the door has been painted with enamel paint for many times, the door may not be able to close properly. Therefore, it is necessary to estimate whether the door can be closed normally when applying enamel paint.

In conclusion, it is not complicated at all to refurbish wooden doors and wooden furniture. You can do it yourself as well. Practice more and you will get a better painting result. However, if you want to refurbish a large-scale furniture, it is best to hire a professional painter.


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