Home security that is easy to ignore in daily life

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Robbery can be done inside and outside. Theft at home is often the most overlooked part.  Most of the people think that anti-theft system mainly deals with burglary. In this article, Eric, the expert consultant in home security will share tips to prevent home robbery.

Many of us have a safe at home to keep the valuables such as watches, jewellery or cash. But how do you keep the larger valuables that cannot be put in the safe?

Let ask yourself some questions before moving forward.

Question: Ladies, do you have any designer handbags that you did not use in the past year? When was the last time you check out those handbags? Have you ever worried that they would be gone?

Question: Gentlemen, if you have a wine cabinet at home, I believe that there must be some expensive wine keeping there. So the question is, when was the last time you saw the real bodies of these wines?

Home security that is easy to ignore in daily life

The above questions can be also applied for other valuable items such as photographic equipment, digital toys, and even the branded leather jacket that can be sold at few thousand dollars in second-hand market.

Hong Kongers travel a lot for business trips and for leisure. When you are not at home for a long time, the house thief can take advantage of it. It is not new that domestic helpers may steal the owner’s valuables from time to time. However, not every domestic helper would steal. I believe that are many good and loyal one in Hong Kong.

But if something can guard your valuables 24 hours a day. As soon as someone opens these cabinet, you will be notified immediately. Isn’t it great?

Home security system is indispensable. They are here to guard your collection silently.

How can we use the smart anti-theft system to guard the collection? It is very simple. Just install the smart anti-theft sensor on the closet or wine cabinet.

Home security that is easy to ignore in daily life

The smart anti-theft system will constantly monitor different sensors. When there are any movements, the master device will notify you immediately and provide you with home information. When anyone opens the cabinet door, the sensor will immediately send a notification to the master device. The master device will then immediately notify the user’s through prompting a notification via the App. Some system notifications on the market also include the date, time, and the information that the door was opened, all at a glance. These notifications will be recorded in the mobile APP of the system for users to review.

Home security that is easy to ignore in daily life

The anti-theft system is versatile and can take care of everywhere at home

In addition to prevent theft, the sensors of the intelligent anti-theft system can help you manage and monitor some daily life affairs. For example, the door sensor can let you know when children, domestic helpers or the elderly go out and return home, the flood sensor can tell you if there is water leakage in the bathroom and kitchen, and the infrared body sensor can let you know whether the elderly living alone has any movement or not. There are many more uses for the anti-theft system. We will share with you next time!


In the next article, we will talk about the other uses of the anti-theft applications of the smart anti-theft system in shops. Check it out if you are a shop owner.


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