10 Interesting Solutions to Store Books in Small Apartments

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Life can be hard for enthusiastic readers living in small apartments. If you love reading, you probably know that books mean more than just a leisure activity. They are possessions to be cherished and treasures that will exist for decades even if they go unread. Parting with a favourite non-fiction book or novel can feel like a break-up.

Unfortunately, books tend to consume more space than most essentials such as a TV, couch, or bed. If you live in a tiny apartment and life without books is just boring, don’t fret. You might need to part with a few diaries and books. But with these ten interesting solutions, your apartment will remain tidy and organized. The best part? You’ll get to keep your favourite books!

10 Interesting Solutions to Store Books in Small ApartmentsImage by Free-Photos from Pixabay

1. Hallway Library

The purpose of a hallway is to help you get from one point to another. Most people don’t consider them a part of their living space. Instead of your hallway acting as a mere passageway, you should consider adding shelves to the walls of your halls and turning them into libraries. This is one of the best ways to maximize your space while showing off your collection. Your hallway library doesn’t have to go all the way to the top. Floating shelves are also effective.

2. Literary Headboard

Since you love books, you should consider keeping them where you spend most of your time in your small apartment.

A simple search in dissertation writing services and personal statement writing services will help you find the best solution to store your books and complete your assignments.

Another simple storage hack can be storing your books at the bed’s base. You don’t have to invest in a new bed to do this. Any bookshelf or bench can do the trick.

3. High-Perimeter Bookshelves

Standalone and built-in bookcases take a huge amount of space. Since you are living in a small apartment, space is your most precious asset. Having a ceiling means that you can add shelves along the perimeter without disorganizing your apartment.

High perimeter shelving is a storage hack that will help you keep your books organized and in a simple way. You’ll need a ladder, wood, and power tools to construct high perimeter bookshelves. If you are ready and willing to do the work, this might be the ideal solution for you.

4. Loft Bed Library

You can spend hours surfing the internet as you look for custom loft beds with functional spaces that have been created by the best carpenters. There are a lot of different designs that will capture your heart and mind.

The cubbyhole library will give book lovers space to store their books and read them. Since not all are in a position to hire architects to build a library, you should go for loft beds that have additional space for books.

5. Closet Library

If you live without a closet, you should consider maintaining this lifestyle by turning your hallway closet into a small home library. Most closets have a huge amount of space that goes unused. This is not a new solution. However, it’s one of the most effective ways to store all kinds of books.

6. Use Your Bar Cart

A bar cart or media console is a piece of décor that can be used in almost any room to store glassware, trinkets, and bottles of wine. If wine is not a favourite, you can consider filling the cart with your favourite books and house plants. Don’t forget to include a small reading lamp.

7. The Picture Ledge

In many ways, book covers are art to most book readers since they display favourite titles. To make your bookcase functional, you need to free up space on your shelves by shifting books with aesthetically pleasing covers onto a picture ledge to create a beautiful gallery of media art. You’ll free up a lot of space on the shelf while creating a focal point simultaneously.

8. Use The Windowsill

A reading nook is one of the best items for an avid book reader. Place the nook near your favourite window or use a bay window and you’ll have the perfect reading spot. By storing your books there, you’ll not only have them close but also save a lot of space.

9. Hard To Reach Storages

Most apartments have those hard-to-reach places that usually sit empty. If you have a lot of books, you should consider using these untapped storage spaces. Hard-to-reach storages include kitchen cabinet tops or shelving units’ tops.

10. Use Your Ladder

Ladders are one of the best tools that you can use to integrate something visually. The frame and height tend to be inconspicuous to detract décor items that you put on display. Using a ladder will help you incorporate different textures and colours while keeping your space organized.


There are a lot of effective solutions that you can use to store your books if you live in a small apartment. Which of the solutions can you implement in your home today?


10 Interesting Solutions to Store Books in Small Apartments

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