10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

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Are you a student and worried about your room décor? Here are some exciting ideas for you to design your room. Ideas that will help you relax, have fun, and work in your room. Student rooms usually need proper attention for setting and arrangements because they serve multiple purposes.

For example, after coming back from your hectic school or college routine, you need a pleasant environment to feel relaxed. Then for proper rest, you’ll obviously need comfortable bedding. After that, in order to study, certain home decor is required to make the environment compatible.

Moreover, if you’re a party person or if you enjoy hosting sleepovers, then the room’s decor should reflect that fun and excitement you bring to the party.

Here are ten ways to make your student room excellent for use.

Book Shelves

10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

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You can build and customise bookshelves according to your taste using your own art skills, or you can simply buy them from the market. Bookshelves come in many forms, but they will keep your books and study materials organised. They will also keep your room clutter-free

You can also add some kind of showpieces; for example, you can add antiques to give your bookshelf a vintage look and turn them into novelty bookends. These can help support all the reading materials you are going to need when writing your college essays.

Fairy Lights

If you enjoy paranormal romances and fairytales, then fairy lights can be an integral part of the room. They can also give your room a classy, traditional look. You can choose any colour you want for your fairy lights according to your room’s theme and your taste. If you want to have a regular trip down memory lane, then you can pin up photographs with your fairy lights.


Add some greenery to your room because green plants can naturally refresh your mind. You can get coloured pots and then plant different kinds of small plants. You can also take a glass bottle or mason jar, fill it with water, and use it to grow plants like money plants.

10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

Image © ducminh nguyen via Unsplash

Arrangement of Furniture

In family homes, the furniture arrangement follows a similar pattern for every room, with a few additions to differentiate the rooms. But since the student’s room has to serve multiple functions, furniture pieces should be different and practical. Thus, multi-functional furniture may be your best bet.

With your college room, you can arrange the furniture in any way that you like. You can have futon mattresses or a sofa bed. The possibilities are endless.

Selection Of Rugs And Cushions

You can select funky rugs and cushions for your room. Cushions with funky taglines printed on them are the decor trends today, so you can choose your printed cushions according to your personality.

You can also turn your rugs and cushions into DIY projects and sew or print them yourself. You can also add cushions to the floor, or keep them on the couch to give your room an exotic feel.

Wall Design

You can paint your walls according to your preferences. If you are an artist, then you can treat your wall like a big canvas where you can play with colours. Moreover, it will always be there to make you feel good about your effort. You can also consult professional painters to paint your walls.

There are also many wallpaper designs out that can help make your room look attractive. These days, not everyone will want a lot of white walls in their home. Customize your walls and feel better in your colourful room.

An Attractive Table

If you are a student, a study table is the most important feature of your room, so you can also decorate it according to your preferences. You can go for the classic look with a tablecloth or chair, or truly make it your own by parking a frame with your photo in it on top of the table. 

table lamp is an integral component. You can also put an alarm clock with small showpieces for a more interesting look.

Make sure your study table is arranged properly and looking good as new. In that way, you will feel interested in both study and work. You can write your papers properly with sufficient focus while sitting at a nicely decorated study table. 

Board For Reminders

Students have a lot of things to do and to remember each one is a tough task. Having an attractive and creative board carrying your reminders and notes in your room will not only help you to remember things but will also help your room look cool.

This board will hold your to-do list, deadlines, notes, and reminders. They can simply be sticky notes or papers pinned to the board with the help of thumb pins. Hence, whenever you glance at this board, you can easily be reminded of what’s important. 


10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

Image © Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

Proper lighting is necessary for a student’s room since the room is used for both work and sleep. Hence, a  student’s room is incomplete without the right amount of light. In addition to lighting up your room with the right amount of brightness, you can also play around with your room’s aesthetics by choosing different kinds of stylish lamps.

You can also design lamps as a DIY project. You can also make uniquely-shaped holes in lamps to create specially-shaped shadows that will beautify your room at night.

Wall Accessories

You can use various kinds of wall accessories in order to enhance the beauty of your room. You can display your pictures, wall art, and various paintings.

To hang these wall accessories, especially if they are heavy, you can use removable mounts. For displaying light objects, you can use tape.

If you love accessories, you can also hang them on a board on the wall. This can help you hang jewellery like pendants and bracelets in an organized manner. You can also hang small shelves to display showpieces and special trinkets.


When you are in college, you are away from your home. It is nice to have a room that feels like home once you get back from a hectic day at the college. Use the above tips to make your room look great. Happy Decorating!


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