11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

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(Guest Writer: Alistair)

Imagination is running rife through the 21st Century child’s room! Calming splashes of colour adorn the walls, met with a tropical landscape for your baby to stare at as they drift off to sleep. Stars illuminate like the night sky from the ceiling! The possibilities really are endless.

Gone are the days of pastel pink and muted blue baby decor.

With practitioners and parents focusing more on the sensory experience, designing your baby’s nursery has never been more fun!

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea? Check out our 11 ways to design your baby nursery:

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

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The Practical Approach

At 3 am when your baby calls, you don’t want to stumble through the house to get to them. So, think practically! Which room can you access easily? Is it close enough to your room that you don’t have to walk far?

Beyond where your baby’s nursery will be, you need to think about how cold or hot the room will get. If it is a cold room, is there adequate heating available? Likewise, if it gets hot, can you ventilate the room well?

Think About Routine

Routine is paramount to how we raise our children. Being able to implement good toothbrushing techniques from a baby and having enough time for bathtime are all factors to consider. With this in mind, think of how you can make your baby’s nursery comfortable after a bath.

Fluffy rugs and blankets are a godsend! After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling cold after the warmth of a bath.

Babies love being touched and being close to you. It’s just a natural by-product of being in the womb for so long. So make sure you can both get as snuggly as possible. Skin to skin not only settles your baby, but it also builds a long-lasting connection between you and your child.

Create A Mood Board

Now you’ve chosen where your baby’s nursery will be; you get to be creative.

Mood boards are great for getting all the ideas you love in one place. If you find an image that inspires you in a magazine, stick it on your board!

Fan of Pinterest? You can create an online collage at your fingertips.

Having a visual will help you keep your ideas focused and build a theme.

Make It Child-Friendly

Stylish changing stations and cute button cot bumpers may seem essential at first glance until you have your baby and they all become redundant.

Starting with the basics will help you design the best nursery for your child. What’s more, you won’t have to keep redecorating if you stick to simple.

Always focus on what is child-friendly. What can you bring to the room that is age-appropriate and will last for years to come?

neutral background will allow you to change things up when the design gets tired. Have a look at wall stickers, contemporary artwork, and statement furniture to brighten up your nursery instantly.

Consistent Design

Contemporary, boho chic, traditional or eclectic – what is your home style?

Being consistent with your design throughout your home shouldn’t stop at the nursery. Creating a design that reflects the rest of your home and does not look out of place will make you and your baby feel more relaxed.

Calm Colours

Sleepless nights are enough to put any parent on edge. Having a space that is relaxing, calm and tranquil is an excellent antidote to stress. Decorating your little one’s nursery with nurturing colours will help soothe you and your baby in the early hours.

Decorate The Ceiling

Babies spend a lot of time lying down. So why not add a little something to the ceiling for them to contemplate? From glow in the dark stars to continuing with your nursery’s theme, there’s a lot of sensory-stimulating additions for you to choose.

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

Image © Markus Spiske via Pexels

Nursing Station

Having a dedicated space for nursing will help you be prepared for when your baby stirs in the night. Investing in a comfortable nursing chair and having extra muslin clothes and pillows at hand will make your life easier.

Changing Station

Whatever your ideas are for changing your baby, having a dedicated changing station at the ready will make challenging nighttime changes more simple.

A place that has ample nappies, wipes and other necessary accessories will give you space to think in the night.

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

Image © Burst via Pexels


Before you know it, your baby will have more clothes than you have had in a lifetime!

Simple and creative storage solutions will instantly transform your nursery.

Build your storage ideas around your nursery’s theme. If Skandi-Hygge is your jam, take a look at how the Swedish do it. If you’re designing a traditional nursery, get inspiration from the latest baby magazines.

Storage doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right tools and a lick of paint, you can add a pop of colour to any space.

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

Image © Curtis Adams via Pexels

Clothes System

For most parents, the cycle of continually washing clothes and putting them away is exhaustingEstablishing a clothes system before your newborn arrives will help you in the long run.

Sort out your baby’s clothes by size order in their wardrobe or chest of drawers. Any clothes that are for later can be labelled and put away separately.

Ready to spruce up your baby’s nursery? Find your theme and get creative.


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