2 Tips for Picking Out Kitchenware to Match Your Interior Design

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So, you’ve recently built or renovated a shiny, brand new kitchen or decided your kitchenware needs upgrading. Don’t get overwhelmed by endless choices and narrow down the best options using these tips to pick the right kitchenware to suit your needs and design aesthetic.

The kitchen is one of the rooms we spend most of our time at home in – it’s a place to prepare and eat food while socializing with our family and friends.

It makes sense then that we want our kitchens to have a calming effect on our mood and a layout that is both aesthetically alluring and fully-functional.

Whether you’ve built a new kitchenrenovated an old one, or want to update your kitchenware to match your existing kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

Use these tips to determine your ideal colour scheme and kitchenware styles that suit your room, and find just the right pieces for your kitchen.

2 Tips for Picking Out Kitchenware to Match Your Interior Design

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Choosing A Colour Scheme

First, take a step back and look at your kitchen. Determine the colour theme of the permanent fixtures and pieces in your kitchen. Take note of all of the significant colour tones used on the floors, walls, cabinets, countertops, and accessories that will be sticking around.

Take note of the colour scheme you see emerging, as this will help you choose the colours of your kitchenware. If you have trouble recognizing complex colours, borrow a set of paint swatches from a local paint store and compare it to your room.

Learn The Colour Wheel

Now that you know what the primary colours are in your room, you can choose your accessory colours using basic colour theory. Even designers consult a colour wheel while they work.

Adjacent colours on the wheel, or those side by side, generally create a calming, very cohesive effectComplementary colours, or ones directly across the wheel, make big contrasting colour pops and gives the room immense energy and excitement.

Choose a Colour Palette

Using the basics of colour theory, determine what feel you want to have in your room. Pick bold colours for excitement, or pick muted, understated colours if you want a kitchen with a Zen-like feel.

If you picked a wild colour for your walls or cabinets, you might want to keep those the room’s focal point and choose soft-coloured kitchenware.

Keep the tones of each colour in the room in mind, as you’ll want your room to either have warm tones or cool tones for a cohesive look.

You can also choose one or two main colours and then create interest by using different variations of those colours for your accessories.

2 Tips for Picking Out Kitchenware to Match Your Interior Design

Image © Shirley Hirst from Pixabay

Picking the Right Style

So, you’ve figured out some colour options for your pieces. But each room has its own design style and needs kitchenware that will blend beautifully with shape, size, texture, and feel. So the next thing do is to determine your style.

Most of us are drawn to one or two design aesthetics that suit our personal style best. We build our homes around these styles, whether we’re aware of them or not. Look again at your kitchen and determine what “look” the room contains.

Here are the most popular home styles and what kitchenware choices best complement them.

Country Farmhouse

This look is known for being eclectic and comfortable, with lots of wood and a lived-in feel. These rooms tend to contain strong primary colour elements – red, yellow, blue, or aged colours like cream and pale yellows suit a country kitchen.

Consider adding traditional kitchenware you’d see in an old farmhouse, such as cast iron cookware, like this piece from Uno CasaMotifs of roosters or other animals will fit perfectly in this room.


A modern style is sleek and sexy, utilizing high-tech and smooth materials that are luxurious without the frill associated with traditional luxury. Kitchen accessories in a modern kitchen tend to blend in with their surroundingsHigh-tech gadgets and shiny white, black, or silver pieces are right at home in a modern style.

Cottage Charm

Just as the name suggests, this charming style has the cosy feel of a cottage. Its imperfect charm is a little eclectic and very warm. The perfect kitchenware for a cottage charm kitchen is a little mix of everything.

Hit up flea markets for unique and well-made pieces, and don’t worry – they don’t have to match. Choose high-end appliances in retro colours and styles for a beautiful blend of old and new.


A contemporary style is a mix of old, new, casual, and polished for a highly-functional kitchen that’s family-friendly. Choose almost any colour for contemporary kitchenware, but keep the knickknacks to a minimum and buy high quality, durable pieces that can serve as both décor and functional kitchen tools.

Old World

Old World kitchens would fit right in with any traditional European homeStrong, solid materials cover every surface, with lots of carving and detail. These rooms have a heavier feel than modern kitchens, so feel free to play up that angle with heavy iron and intricately designed kitchenware.


Imagine a kitchen that families gather in for after-school snacks, decadent holiday dinners, and hosts friends regularly – a traditional kitchen feels timeless, traditional, and clean. Keep your kitchenware colours neutral or light, clean lines, and add a few vintage touches to the space.


If you like an uncluttered home, then a minimalistic style is just right for you. These kitchens are known for their ultra-clean look and lack of, well, almost everything. Choose only to add pieces that serve an essential purpose in the room and choose smooth, simple, and unpretentious-looking accessories.

Bright white is the colour of choice here so that any kitchenware blends further with its surroundings. Copper cookware would be a beautiful, simple, yet functional display in the minimalist kitchen.

Final Notes

The kitchenware of your dreams is right at your fingertips with a few simple choices. Remember, when you are picking out kitchenware and accessories, you will need to:

  • Take a good look around the kitchen and assess your room’s colour;
  • Use the colour wheel to determine if you want your kitchen vibe to be complementary or contrasting;
  • Pick a colour palette in either warm or cool tones;
  • Choose kitchen pieces that blend with the style of the room.

We hope you enjoy outfitting your kitchen with the perfect tools for both your lifestyle and personal style.


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