25 Incredibly Simple Bedroom Storage Tips

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The winter holidays are a great time to start planning, dreaming, and changing your life, as well as your home interior.

As it’s getting colder and colder outside, what could be better than staying at home, warm and cosy, learning more about interior design trends for 2021? If you’ve decided to renovate your master bedroom and save some space in the process, here are some actionable tips that will help you turn this area into a beautiful personal oasis.

A Bed With Drawers Is Your Best Friend

You can use it for storing bedsheets, magazines, clothes, shoes, or small items you need that never seem to have their own place.

Install Shelves Near The Ceiling

Floating shelves near the ceiling are the best things since sliced bread. Use them to store books, figurines, clocks, or jewellery.

A Fold-Down Desk Can Save You A Lot of Space

If you need a corner to work at on busy days, consider investing in a fold-down desk. Whenever you don’t need it, it can be moved out of the way neatly.

Dresser Dividers Are The Modern Must-Have

Organize your drawers and you’ll feel better instantly.

Add A Window Bench Storage For Practicality

Comfortable and useful; what more could you be looking for?

Use Binder Clips For Organizing Messy Cords

This is a life-saving hack that can organise your cords, cables, and wires, and make your bedroom look tidier instantly.

Add An Overdoor Hanging Organizer

Prepare your clothes for the following day and put them on an overdoor organizer; running those chores outside will look less boring instantly.

Invest In A Wall Bed

Small bedroom? No problem: a wall bed can be a highly practical solution. Put it up to instantly turn your bedroom into a workroom or even a petite lounge.

Go For Archway Cabinets

If you have a lot of clothes you simply can’t place anywhere, these cabinets will solve the situation marvellously.

Buy Headboard With Some Hidden Storage

Headboards can be useful things to have. Slide to the left and right to store and take out small items behind your bed. Then slide back easily to hide them. Genius, isn’t it?

Use A Small Desk Instead Of A Footboard…

It will look great and be yet another practical solution for a small bedroom.

… Or Buy No Footboard At All!

Sometimes less is more, and it shows most in confined spaces.

Use A Bedside Caddy For Smaller Items

These super-useful items can be bought almost everywhere and are great for storing your phone, a book you’re currently reading, headphones, and other things you may use before bedtime.

Floating Shelves Are The Ultimate Space-Savers

Do you want to put out some books, but the room is already crampedAdd some floating shelves here and there: they will look marvellous.

Purchase A Multi-Levelled Cart For Storage

If you opt for one with small wheels, it will be even better; roll it wherever you may need it.

Shower Curtain Rings Can Hold Your Scarves

Sure, hangers are great, but we never seem to have enough of them. If you need a way to display or store your scarves and shawls, use shower curtain rings!

Put Up A Pegboard Organizer

Apart from looking really beautiful, a pegboard organizer is a stellar way to keep small items near, yet out of the reach of children.

Fold And Roll Towels And T-Shirts

Although this hack is often used for road trip packing, why not make the best of it at home as well?

25 Incredibly Simple Bedroom Storage Tips

Image © Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Use Hanging Baskets As Organizers

Place one in a bedroom corner and it will take up so little space you wouldn’t believe.

Platform Storage Bed Is A Worthy Upgrade

A bed with drawers is a great idea, but why not take it one step further? A platform bed will keep you elevated during your sleep while providing space to store even more items underneath.

Corner Shelves? A Great Idea

Room corners are more than just places to clean cobwebs from. A few cute corner shelves will look great and work as useful storage spaces.

Cover The Windows With Frosty Film

If your window view isn’t as you’d like it to be, a coloured or decorative frosty film can fix it up for you, giving the room a whole new look.

Put Up A Few “Invisible” Bookshelves

For the assignment writer Sarah Brooks, putting up ‘invisible’ or floating bookshelves is one of the best decorating decisions ever made.

Place A Shelf Above The Bedroom Door

No space should remain unused: a shelf above the door can be used to store towels or bedsheets.

Cover The Shelves With Sliding Mirrors

Don’t want anyone to see the contents of your shelves? Putting up a sliding mirror should do the trick and make the room look bigger at the same time.


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