3 hacks about renovation quotation: Set a budget and don’t choose the lowest quotation

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Whether you are planning for a partial renovation or full renovation, you need a fitting quotation. What is the definition of a fitting quotation? Does the houseowner know what points should be noted on the quotation? Let Deco-Man share 3 hacks with you about renovation quotations!

Question 1: Why should I set a budget?

The renovation cost can be very high. If you don’t set an affordable budget, the following problems will arise:

1. Random price comparison

Houseowners may only focus on finding the cheapest quotation, without considering the craftsmanship and service, which increases the chance of selecting a bad quality company.

2. Waste of time

If you don’t have a budget for the renovation company, they will provide their advice impractically and the advice may not be accomplished easily.

3. Getting lost

Every step in a renovation project is indispensable. If the budget is not wisely set, too money may be used in the early stage of picking materials and there may be no more money left to select suitable building materials. The overall process will be very disorganized.

So houseowners should set a budget at an early stage.

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Question 2: Why is site measurement required to get an accurate quotation?

In addition to knowing what items are included in the renovation project, the following considerations should also be made regarding the quotation:

1. Construction environment and construction methods

For example, if the ceiling has multiple beams, it will affect the price for paints. If there is no site measurement, the data is incomplete and the quotation cannot be accurately estimated.

2. Convenience of delivering materials to the site

For example, floors that the elevator cannot reach directly will reduce work efficiency and increase construction time.

3. Customers’ expectation

For example, if you would like the company to accompany you in selecting construction materials or to provide floor plan drafts, the details should be clarified in advance.

4. Completion checking standards

This is the key for the entire project. If you don’t understand your requirements for the project, there is no way to quote accurately.

The above four considerations about quotation all require clear communication between the construction company and houseowners. So, the most important part of the site measurement is communication.

A responsible construction company should not provide estimates without detailed information, because doing so will cause misunderstanding in houseowners’ mind. This will affect judgment of houseowners regarding the quality of the project and the service expectation.

Question 3: Why not choose the lowest quotation?

Who doesn’t want the cost of the decoration project to be cheap, but if you want to choose a cheaper quotation, you must consider the following factors:

1. Additional items

There are many reasons for additional items. If it is discovered that additional items are needed after demolition, these items are still reasonable. However, some untrustworthy construction companies will find opportunities to make additional charges during the renovation process, or add onto the vaguely written quotation after the project has started so as to make more profits.

2. Poor cash flow of construction company

Some companies may be eager to make the deal to receive deposits from houseowners.

3. Craftsmanship issues

The wage of the workers actually has a certain range. If you see extremely low wages, you have to think twice about the workers’ craftsmanship.

4. Completion Standard

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” You have to prepare for the consequences of choosing the lowest quotation.

Therefore, when choosing the lowest priced quotation, you must bear the possible risks.


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