3 Space-saving Tips for Families

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(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle)

With the overall size of HDB flats getting smaller over the years, many Singaporeans have found themselves cooped up at home with multiple family members without any space to call their own. They find it difficult to create places to store and organise their possessions as well as to unwind with their family.

Here are some ideas and tips that will inspire you to create a more spacious and functional setting at home for you and your loved ones.

1. Stackable Storage

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

A simplistic living room featuring Commune’s House Shelf in Walnut.

A wide array of stackable storage options are available on the market and can fit any room in a house. Stackable storage allows you to compartmentalise different items while keeping them accessible, be it toys, stationery or any other miscellaneous items. It also comes in many shapes and sizes and can be stacked on shelves and bookcases, perfect for the whole family.

2. Multi-Purpose Furniture

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

A minimalist style bedroom featuring Commune’s Lyla bed with storage and Dualtone nightstand.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces have become a must-have in every home. Apart from providing additional storage, multi-functional standalone furniture is useful for small bedrooms as they combine different fixtures into a single unit to save space.

Investing in pieces like storage bed frames provide extra storage space whilst adding a classy touch to the room. Local furniture brand Commune also has an app, Commune AR that uses augmented reality, to allow you to visualise pieces in your home through your smartphone.

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

Commune AR in action

3. Use Lighter Colours

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

A neutral-themed living room featuring Commune’s Tierra TV Unit.

Small windows, low ceilings and a lack of natural lighting can conspire to make a room feel darker than you would like, but choosing the right colours can have an instant effect on a room’s brightness. For example, cooler colours help walls to recede, making the room feel more spacious and light.

Go for paler shades of greys and blues such as Dulux’s Tranquil Dawn or Blue Silk for maximum lightening effects. Dulux’s Light & Space range is also designed to make smaller rooms look more spacious and reflects up to twice as much light, making the room brighter and allowing homeowners to save up to 20% in lighting energy.

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

Dulux’s Blue Silk Paint used in a minimalist living room setting.

Combat stubborn dark corners with a combination of light-painted or mirrored furniture and carefully placed lamps.

Despite having less space to work with, a few simple and smart tweaks to your home décor and furniture arrangements can definitely make your living space a whole lot more comfortable and spacious. Getting your family involved in the whole process is also a great way for them to add their own flair and preferences to the design too!


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