3 Tips for Taking Care of Wood Furniture in Winter

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Hong Kong people love wooden furniture with soft and warm colours, but only few people care about the maintenance of wooden furniture. If the solid wood furniture is well maintained, it can stay bright and clean for decades. In addition to dehumidification of wooden furniture in spring and summer, we also need to keep them moist. Check out the 3 tips of taking care of wood furniture in winter from Deco-Man.

3 Tips for Taking Care of Wood Furniture in Winter

Wooden furniture maintenance tip 1: Keep away from direct sunlight and heaters

You might think that wooden furniture under the sun can bring warmth to home, but in fact, the infrared and ultraviolet rays in the sun can harm wooden furniture, so you should avoid placing wooden furniture in locations exposed to long-term sunlight.

Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation will increase the temperature of wooden furniture. When the sunlight disappears at night, the temperature of the wooden furniture will drop rapidly. Long-term continuous and rapid cold shrinkage and thermal expansion will make wooden furniture easy to warp and brittle.

Ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays will reduce the strength of wood fibres in furniture and cause discoloration.

In addition, the moisturizing of wood furniture is also important. Many people will use heaters at home in cold winter. However, when placing these appliances, you must consider the location of wooden furniture. When wooden furniture face to the heating and drying equipment for a long time, the wood may lose its moisture and cause deformation, cracking and other problems. The finish may be affected and deteriorated as well.

Therefore, when placing heaters and other heating equipment, they should be at least 1 meter away from the wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture maintenance tip 2: Avoid opening window for a long time and use humidifier

Hong Kong is dry in autumn and winter, and the indoor humidity is higher than outdoors. If you have wooden furniture at home and want to keep them moist, it is better not to open the window for a long time to keep the indoor humidity to an ideal condition and to avoid the wooden furniture from being too dry. You can also consider using a humidifier to maintain normal indoor humidity.

3 Tips for Taking Care of Wood Furniture in Winter

Wooden furniture maintenance tip 3: Wax the wooden furniture once a season to lock in moisture

Wooden furniture need nourishment, especially in winder. Wiping with a wet cloth to keep them moist is not enough. We need to wax the wooden furniture to lock the moisture in the wood and effectively prevent the furniture from drying out and deforming. It is recommended to wax the solid wood furniture once a season to extend the life of the furniture.

Apply the wood wax on the surface lightly and then wipe it with a cotton cloth to reduce dust adhesion and increase gloss.


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