4 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

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If you are a keen DIY operator you must already be on the way to saving money. However, by using the right planning you will be able to transform the look and feel of a room with a single project and it will not cost you too much either.

Here are some simple home upgrades that can be done on a budget. You can select the appropriate upgrade for value-boosting and all this can be done by keeping it under $500. Check out these home improvement ideas.

4 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation IdeasPhoto from The Safe Haven Interiors Pte Ltd

1. Use Paint For Refreshing The Rooms

If you have washed-out and drab walls, it is possible to provide an additional depth just by using a paint can.

You can also wash away the decoration sins by using virgin white. This is the power of using a painting coat. The latter is the reason why painting is normally tackled by using DIY home improvement methods. Although you are not required to paint like a professional, you need to learn to paint for a room.

Keep in mind that there is more to good painting than slathering colours on a wall. In many cases, it might be a good idea to leave the painting job to pros over a weekend. They can complete the job from the first scratch to the final feather of the brush.

Another case would be if you have tenants living in one part of your house and they want to either paint or change the rented rooms. If you are too busy to deal with them, consider partnering with a property management company that will take care of it.

2. Add Crown Moulding

You will find crown moulding at the top of several remodelling lists as it is responsible for adding value and charm to a home. It is not because a lot of people like to spend their Saturdays trying to get their corners right.

However, there is an ease of beating the frustration involved in the process. There are readymade lightweight polystyrene foam coated mouldings available in the market made in hard plaster.

These mouldings can cut smoothly by using a handsaw and they can go up together with flash by using a joint compound. There are no tricky angles, no need to cope, and ragged joints that disappear with the use of mud.

3. Grow House Plants

It has been ages since houseplants are coaxed to thrive in the homes. The secret to growing the houseplants is replicating their natural growing environment by providing the right amount of light, humidity, and water they require.

There are two kinds of houseplants, the first is tropical that includes palms, ferns, and vines and the second is succulents such as aeonium, aloe, and echeveria. You can also grow these houseplants by using indoor grow tents. There are tent setups available in the market to help you with the efforts.

If you need further help with growing indoor plants, then LED grow lights are the solution to help you in growing your plants inside. They will offer the preferred wavelength of any colour that your plant needs.

You can find several other techniques online that can be used for controlling the plant sizeinvigorate growth and you can also increase the number of specimens in your yard.

4. Provide New Finishing To The Kitchen Cabinets

It may be that your kitchen feels like a cave. This is because dark cabinets suck all the light from your kitchen. You can add a bright makeover to the kitchen. It does not necessarily mean that you have to replace the older cabinets.

If the laminated doors and frames of the cabinets are still sound from a structural viewpoint, you may clean up the cabinets and add fresh paint to them. It will take a weekend to convert the kitchen from being a dreary place to a sunny one.

You will need some sandpapersstrong cleanersa paintbrush, and a bit of elbow grease. This transformation will not set you back a fortune and in fact, will be cheaper than the cheapest available cabinets.


Even while you are performing the home remodelling on a budget, it is possible to create a home appearance that looks straight out of any luxury magazine.

Apart from these tips mentioned above, there are several other decorations and interior design ideas available on the internet that can add a bit of style and flair to your house.

But first, make a note of all the pre-existing features within your residence so that you can add new ideas to them. Note all the architectural details such as wooden beams, crown moulding, built-in bookshelves, and hardwood floors, and other important things.


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