4 common home lighting. Lighting configuration tips

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Lighting is one of the indispensable elements at home. Different kinds of lamps have their own
advantages and disadvantages. How many types of lighting are there? How should I choose? Which lighting is suitable for living room? What are the precautions for indoor lighting configuration? Let us introduce 4 common kinds of lamps to you!

Ceiling lamp

家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

Ceiling lamp is commonly used in Hong Kong. The top of it relatively flat. The lamp is directly
installed on the ceiling, and the bottom is covered with a lampshade. The ceiling in Hong Kong
apartment is not high generally, around 2.4 and 2.8 meters. The shape of the ceiling lamp does not take up much space at home, so it is very suitable for Hong Kong homes.

  • Advantages: The light bulb is not exposed. Simple and elegant. Easy to install
  • Disadvantages: Monotonous. Does not have many changes.

Precautions: The lampshade material should be uniform with high light transmittance. Uneven lampshade will affect the brightness of the lamp.


家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

Chandeliers are also commonly seen in Hong Kong. The chandelier hangs from the ceiling and is closer to the floor than the ceiling lamp. It is suitable for use in high ceiling space. The lowest point of the chandelier should be at least 2.1 meters above the ground to reduce the pressure on the space.

  • Advantages: Various designs for the lampshade, giving the space a finishing touch.
  • Disadvantages: high requirements for space height.

Precautions: The chandelier in the living room is recommended not to exceed one tenth of the space. The chandelier for the dining table is recommended not to be larger than two-thirds of the short side of the dining table.

Wall lamp

家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

Wall lamp is a kind of auxiliary lighting that is installed on the wall. The wall lights are dim, and they are used as embellishment at home. Many people install wall lamps on balconies, in corridors, or bedsides.

  • Advantages: create an atmosphere
  • Disadvantages: need to install the wire outlet. High requirements for installation height. If the installation point is too high, the light cannot focus. If the installation is too low, it will affect our sight.

Precautions: Check whether the house has a wire line for wall lights or an independent switch. If you need extra wire, this will increase the cost. In addition, the standard height of the wall light should be slightly higher than our head.


家居燈飾常見 4 種類 燈光配置小貼士

The spotlight can be installed in the ceiling light trough as a recessed light or installed directly on the exposed light rail or the ceiling. Spotlights are usually used to enhance local lighting, emphasize the illuminated objects, and set off the atmosphere.

  • Advantages: small size, power saving, freely change the angle of the spotlights on the light track.
  • Disadvantages: small irradiation range. Cannot be irradiated at close range. Accumulate a lot of heat that can lead to danger.

Installation precautions: The spotlight can should direct to the wall because the reflected light effect is softer. If it is installed in a place where people often stay, the focused light will make people feel uncomfortable.

Tips for indoor lighting configuration

1. Distribute the light evenly: Properly distribute the position of the lamps so that the lighting is as uniform as possible.
2. Avoid excessive direct lighting: direct lighting is the direct projection of light onto objects. Indirect lighting is the use of wall or floor reflections to create a soft atmosphere. Seeing the light but not seeing the light bulb is the best lighting effect, which can avoid the glare caused by the direct light of the eyes.
3. Avoid lighting on the glass surface and mirror: adjust the light angle to avoid glare on the reflective surface such as glass and mirror.
4. Avoid flickering light: unstable light sources can make people dizzy.


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