4 Uniquely Singaporean Dishwasher Myths, Debunked

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With dine-in no longer an option, we’re all eating three meals a day (plus snacks) at home — and the sink, unfortunately, is perpetually full of dirty dishes.

Though dirty dishes are the least of all problems, they’re aptly a proxy for all that is tedious and tiresome about life amidst COVID-19. Dishwashers are a godsend in such situations but lingering old wives’ tales have crept into falsities about this home appliance.

Bosch, the World’s Number 1 brand for dishwashers, is here to debunk some common dishwasher myths so that you never have to scrub pesky stains by hand ever again.

Myth 1: “Washing by hand equals cleaner dishes!”

4 Uniquely Singaporean Dishwasher Myths, DebunkedImage © Bosch

To make sure dishes are kept clean and sanitary, dishwashers use water at a high temperature to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Bosch dishwashers use water at 70°C, sustained consistently for approximately 10 minutes. This important feature not only helps to protect your hands from the heat but also prevents your loved ones from falling ill.

Old sponges are also a breeding ground for E.coli and Salmonella — common bacteria which can lead to food poisoning. Throwing out your old sponges and giving your kitchen a thorough clean can help ward them off.

Myth 2: “There is no space in my kitchen.”

4 Uniquely Singaporean Dishwasher Myths, DebunkedImage © Bosch

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t reap the rewards of owning a dishwasher. There are many different types of dishwashers, and choosing the right one that will suit the needs and constraints of your home is key to optimising and integrating your dishwasher within a compact kitchen.

Dishwasher types to consider include:

  • Compact: Small dishwasher units that sit atop countertops.
  • Freestanding: Standalone dishwashers that require their own floor space.
  • Built-in: Part of kitchen cabinetry that also serves as storage space for dishes.

Myth 3: “Wasting so much water… you think water is free?”

4 Uniquely Singaporean Dishwasher Myths, DebunkedImage © Bosch

Yes, I know you can already hear your spouse’s nagging concerns over the rising water bills in your head… but what if we told you that dishwashers save enough water for you to have one extra bath every week?

In fact, dishwashers only consume 40 litres of water and are more water-efficient as it saves up to 33.5 litres of water per rinse cycle as compared to washing your dishes under running water.

Most dishwashers nowadays also come with special features to accommodate your different needs – from half-load functions to short cycles if your dishes require only light washing.

Read more about Bosch’s findings when they compared water, electricity and time consumption between using a dishwasher and washing dishes by hand here.

Myth 4: “It can’t get rid of stubborn food stains like spaghetti sauce!”

4 Uniquely Singaporean Dishwasher Myths, DebunkedImage © Bosch

Dishwashers make cleaning up hardened foot bits from our favourite foods at the bottom of our pots and pans a stress-free experience.

They remove tough stains with their internal high-pressured water jets and clean hard-to-reach areas and target grime and grease successfully.

With Bosch PrecisionWash™, intelligent sensors continually scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle. All you have to do is enjoy your dinner, load your dishes and start your dishwasher.

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