4 Useful Tips To Make Your Laminate Cabinets Last Long

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(Guest Writer: Kathleen Sharp)

From cost-effectiveness to durability and low maintenance appeal, laminate finishes are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen cabinetry, countertops and other interior décor piecesLaminates are available in a wide variety of colours with dramatic contrasting finishes. Even though laminates show resistance to wear and tear, they still risk getting damaged.

To make sure that your laminate cabinets stay in good condition, here are some tips which are practical and easy to do:

1. Paint The Cabinets

This is a quick and simple method to keep your new cabinets safe for a long time or to give your old laminates a unique and modern look. You can also use a clear varnish or transparent coating to apply on the cabinets if painting is not your style.

Paint keeps the dust away from cabinets and also creates a layer on the cabinets which saves them from atmospheric and environmental changes such as humidity, dry weather etc.

The best part is that painting your cabinets is an inexpensive way to make your laminate cabinets last long. You can easily do this at home and if you are interested in knowing more about the painting process, you can check out these useful tips for how to paint laminate kitchen cabinets.

2. Clean Regularly

Kitchen cabinets often develop a layer of grease, grime and food splatters which obviously looks unpleasant but can also damage your kitchen cabinetry if left unattended. If grease stains are left for too long, they can become stubborn and would need scratching which won’t be good for the laminate.

Fortunately, laminate surfaces are easy to clean and only take about 5 minutes to clean if cleaned regularly. All you need is a warm water solution of dishwashing soap or simple all-purpose cleaner with a spongeAvoid scratching the surface with harsh material as it scratches easy.

If done regularly, you won’t need deep cleaning and your laminate cabinets will always be looking fresh and new.

4 Useful Tips To Make Your Laminate Cabinets Last Long

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3. Keep Laminates Cool And Dry

Laminates usually have a better chance of repelling water as compared to hardwood but excessive moisture can still result in damage in the form of warping, buckling and swelling. This is because most laminates are made with layers of composite wood. And we all know that moisture and wood do not go well together.

Make sure to keep your cabinets dry at all times and clean up any spill quickly before it seeps in between the seams. Keep the room between 12 and 29 degrees Celsius and during a humid day, use an air conditioner.

4. Avoid Direct UV Exposure

Laminates are usually fade-resistant and have a higher resistance to sun damage than hardwood. This, however, does not mean that discolouration will not occur from direct exposure to direct sunlight. Your laminate cabinets may be prone to tarnish if your kitchen has large windows that provide direct sunlight exposure for several long hours throughout the day.

To preserve laminate colour and its sleek finish, draw curtains or blinds during hours of intense sunlight or apply a film filter to windows directly. Not only this does this film filter UV light but it also protects your windows against breaking and prevents excessive heat gain. Film filters are relatively easy to install and can be done without the help of an expert. So consider this point during your next big kitchen remodel.


Laminates are tough materials which can last for several years, even for generations if proper care is taken. There are several reasons as to why they make excellent materials for your kitchen cabinets – easy maintenance and repairdurability, a vast variety of colours and texturespleasant aestheticscost-effectiveness and their ability to be easily changed, just to name a few.


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