4 Ways to Make Use of Empty Corners

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A space often overlooked in renovation: empty corners.

Corner spaces are usually forgotten, neglected spaces. But really, home owners should never underestimate what a well-used corner space can do for the interior.

Not only does it increase storage capacity and freshen up the interior, a stylishly-decorated corner can up the classiness of your home as a whole.

This is the trick you should never miss.


The simplest way: shelf boards

4 Ways to Make Use of Empty Corners

Shelf boards might sound like a gauche addition, but if you cast aside your prejudices, shelf boards in fact have a high level of versatility no items can possibly have.

For one thing, shelf boards can go well with a myriad of decorative styles.

A simple shelf board plus pieces of ornaments can serve as a decorative background to the living room.

Add tiny potted plants to give a rustic air to your study and kitchen.

For the bedroom, replace bedside table with shelf boards to save space and money. With this simple item, possibilities are endless.


The most refreshing way: house plants

4 Ways to Make Use of Empty Corners

Plants are often featured in the corners of a house.

Normally, taller plants are chosen for its property of visual elongation. Snake plant, parlor palm and dracaena are some of the great choices of tall plants.

Use rope plant hangers for smaller plants. Vary the heights from which they hang to create an interesting visual effect.

The combination of whites and greens can relax your mental state. The assemble of plants also creates a partitioning effect.

It will look like your very own oasis in the house.


The warmest way: floor lamps

4 Ways to Make Use of Empty Corners

Purchase a floor lamp not only for lighting purposes, but also the warming effect it can create.

Be it the living room, the study or the bedroom, a floor lamp casting a glow from the corner of the space will soak the interior with a romantic, comforting feeling. It freshens up domestic life and brings solace in tiring, grey days.

The floor lamp is also one of those items that come in so many styles for the sake of cooperating with the rest of the original interior décor. Techno style, European style, Retro style, you name it.


The most extreme way: study corner

4 Ways to Make Use of Empty Corners

Who doesn’t want a study room of one’s own?

Due to limited space, as always, some dreams are harder to realise than other. In this instance, a study corner might be a good idea.

Corners with sufficient exposure to sunlight are best for creating study corners.

Define a space in a corner in the living room, the bedroom or the hallway with a desk, a chair and a simple set of shelf boards. Voila, your very own study corner is ready to use.

In addition to the study corner, storage shelves are also a great way of utilising that space otherwise wasted.

Opt for wood-coloured shelves and decorate with small green plants for an American rustic style. Choose clean white shelves for bathroom corners to increase toiletries storage space

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