5 Most Commonly Forget-To-Clean Domestic Items

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It’s 2022 now! It’s time to clean your house thoroughly to start a brand new year. Yet, no matter how careful we are, there are items that we’d miss out unavoidably. Let’s find out what they are!

1.  TV remote controls


When was the last time you use the TV remote control; and when was the last time you clean it? Indeed, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacterial that needs to be cleaned frequently.


The most common way to clean a remote control properly is to use a mixture of water and alcohol with ratio 1:1. Soak a cotton pad into the solution and gently wipe the surface of the remote control. Dry it with a piece of dry cloth afterward.


If you want to further clean the gaps between the buttons, PVA glue can be used. Apply a thin layer of PVA glue all over the remote control, including the gaps. Let it dry and remove the layer. Is it like a facial deep clean?


Consider wrapping it with cling film after cleaning to prevent dust from entering again.

2. Steam iron/ Hang steamer


Steam iron and hang steamer turn brownish after a period of time due to minerals clogging (usually calcium from tap water).  This may stain our clothing and reduce the life span of the machine itself. 

Cleaning of steam iron 

If your steam iron has the Auto-clean function, simply fill up the water tank of the iron and start the de-calcifying process.  Shake the iron gently until all the water, steam and clogging come out completely.

Cleaning of hang steamer 

Usually, different brands of hang steamer have their specific cleaning or decalcifying function. Simply follow the instructions and select the required process. After cleaning, make sure it cools down completely and pour away all the wastage.


 You may also consider using toothpaste and wet towel to refresh your iron.

3. Can Opener


Most of us do not clean the can opener properly after use. Or, just rinse for a sec and do not dry it with kitchen paper or towel.  As time goes by, rusting occurs.  To remove rust, soak the can opener in white vinegar, then brush the surface gently. Remember to dry it properly to avoid rusting again.

4.  Indoor Plants


Plants bring fresh air and vitality into the environment. Make sure you remove dust on their surface with old socks or cloths from time to time. It should be reminded that watering the plant is different from cleaning it.  

5. Lampshade


No one ever pays attention to the lampshade on the ceiling, until it is covered with layers of dust and gets dimmer. In fact, they are easy to clean, as long as you remember their existence! 

Mark the above items to your to-clean-list. And wish you all a year of health and wealth ahead! 


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