5 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Tips This 2021

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Did you know that more than 60% of U.S. households, which amount to 85 million families, have pets? According to the National Pet Owners Survey, more than 60 million households have dogs, whereas more than 40 million have cats.

The data only shows that more and more American families are treating pets as important family members. And when you are considering improving your home, it is vital to look for ways to make your pet’s life easier and more comfortable.

Whether it’s a simple modification such as decluttering a whole room or major construction project, home improvements can make your and your furry friend’s lives easier and more relaxing.

Therefore, before embarking on any form of an improvement project, keep in mind to take a strategic perspective at how your pet’s preferences or limitations might clash with the layout you have in mind.

dog renovation housePhoto by Cal David from Pexels

Here are five home improvement tips that can be beneficial for your pet:

1. Creating A Safe Space For Your Pet

There would be times wherein your home can be rowdy and teeming with guests or when there is tumultuous weather. These instances may incite stress and anxiety in your pet, which is why it is essential to set up an indoor sanctuary where your pet can have a break from external noises.

One way to do it is to transform a catch-all closet into a sanctuary nook. The closet’s upper part can be used to store pet treatsfoodgrooming tools, and toys.

Build an insulated frame or drape the sides with a towel or blanket to make it soundproof. Add beddings and a small pillow on the floor to keep it warm, allowing for a peaceful sleep. Ensure that the beddings are easily washable to reduce odour and dirt accumulation.

2. Opt For A Pet-Friendly Flooring

Do you see a lot of scratches and dirt marks on your flooring? We all know that the flooring of your home is one of the most susceptible elements to wear and tear, especially when you have a playful pet at home. Upgrade your floors using durable flooring materials like tile & stone, bamboo, luxury vinyl, cork, or engineered hardwood.

3. A Backyard Can Double As Your Pet’s Playground

Eliminate all the unnecessary furniture and materials in your backyard so your pet can freely roll around, play, and run around. Decorate your yard with colourful plants, but keep in mind to avoid those that are dangerous to canines.

4. Repurpose Your Decors

How many times did your dog knock over your huge flower vase situated near the main door? If you don’t want to see your pooch tripping over that vase again, then repurpose it and other decors that are easily accessible by naughty paws and wagging tails. As much as possible, put your fragile items on top of the shelves.

5. Buy Stain-Resistant Fabrics

Bid goodbye to chintz, silk, and velvet, and say hello to Crypton fabric!

This almost indestructible piece of material guarantees easy-to-clean, odourless, and beautiful fabric that is stain-resistant to both oil and water-based stains. It’s everything a pet owner needs in their home! The most innovative fabric in the market will probably let you and your pet enjoy your home without compromise.


Author Bio: I am Mike, a dog fanatic and writer from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California in the United States. I’ve done my best to mix those two passions into something interesting and helpful on my website, Dogembassy.com.


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