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Are you starting life in a new city but aren’t sure how to decorate your new home in an innovative and streamlined process? Or you have been living in the same place but still looking for quality interior design that is both graceful and cost-effective?

Whichever your case, this article will help you decorate your home, from single-room makeovers to whole house overhaul, and everything in between. We will share functional design tips with you, for your individual budgets, needs, and personal style

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1. Protect Your Home from UV Rays

Are you living in a place known for long, warm, and in most cases, arid summers with temperatures ranging between 80°F and 90°F? With mostly short winters, with temperatures rarely falling below 30°F?

That tells you that as much as you need to insulate your house for winter, your emphasis should mostly be on protecting your home from UV rays during summer. Here are three ways of achieving this:

  1. Install window shades. They are cost-effective and will keep most of your interior décor safe from direct UV.
  2. Install translucent vinyl or polyester window films. These strips cling to your window glass and keep out about 99 % of UV rays. It is best that you get them professionally installed even as much as you can install them on your own.
  3. Hire siding contractors to install tinted low-E windows for you. Though pricey, tinted windows offer a permanent solution to UV rays.

2. Create A Natural, Peaceful Feeling With Green Home Accents

You want your home to feel rich and lush? Or do you want to bring peace, calm, and serenity to your indoors? Green home accents will give you whichever positive feeling you yearn for.

There are many bold and brilliant shades of green that offer you flexible design colours. From lime, apple, spring, pistachio, mint, forest, jade, to celery- you name them!

You can bring in any of these shades in the form of painted walls, drapery fabric, wall art, wallpaper, paint stencilling, upholstery fabric, painted wood furniture, and kitchen cabinets, curtains, beddings, rugs and carpeting, accessories such as throw pillows. Your options are literally unlimited!

3. Neutral Colours

After going with green home accents, your home will look modern and classy if you finish your design plan with neutral coloursNeutral colours that will work well with your preferred shades of green include neutral beiges and creams, camel and taupe browns, grey, white, and reds and salmon. Blue, yellow, and black neutrals aren’t bad either.

4. Add Houseplants

There’s so much more to houseplants. For starters, they will enhance your health, make you happier, and their obvious beauty will breathe life into your living spaces. Some of the houseplants that do well include:

  • Peace lilies: These ones are great for table décor because other than their dark green leaves and white calla-like blooms beautifying your tables, their frame doesn’t grow too tall. They are also very easy to care for.
  • Dracaena reflexa: This is another standout table plant. Its short and pointed leaves have beautiful green and yellow colour patterns that make it an excellent plant for your living room. The plant needs bright light and lots of moisture.
  • Elephant ears (Calidora): Its giant leaves make it a perfect potted plant for the area around your focal point.
  • Fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata): Has huge, violin-shaped leaves that make it perfect for the hallway or near the stairs.

In order to grow plants inside you can make use of LED grow lights which will compensate for the lack of natural lights.

5. Choose The Right Focal Point

A home can have more than one focal point. For example:

  • Your front door can be your home’s first focal point because it highlights the curb appeal from the exterior of your home. Choose the door colour carefully, improve lighting around the door, and work on the landscaping leading up to the door.
  • Have another focal point at the entryway; the area you see upon opening the front door. It could be a staircase, a wall, or a hallway. Decorate it with a houseplant or a piece of artwork.
  • You can use any huge architectural piece in your living room, e.g. the fireplace, as the room’s focal point. Decorate it and then arrange the furniture around the focal point in a manner that complements its beauty. If you don’t have a big enough architectural piece, you can create a focal point using family photos or artwork, or use the TV as a focal point.
  • In the dining room, a perfect focal point would be the dining room table.
  • Beds work well as any bedroom’s focal point because they possess boldness and really stand out. Decorate it with a beautiful, modern nightstand. Another bedroom focal point option would be one of your large windows.


There are tons of ways to boost your home’s style factor. The five ideas above will get you started. Anything else that can add visual interest to your home, that can inspire or transform your home, and that beautifies your living spaces is good for your interior décor.


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