6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Interior Design

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Some homeowners out there have dreamt of a customized home, so interior design is a perfect way to achieve that.

If you are a beginner in interior design, don’t worry if you feel confused about where to start. In this article, we will be introducing the 6 do’s and don’ts of interior design for you to consider while taking your home to the next level. 



Before you start designing your interior, always keep in mind that planning is very important. In order to create a living space that is truly yours, you may consider the style, the size, and also the decorating ideas of your desired interior design first before you purchase any pieces of furniture or home decor

So first, think and decide on the interior design style that you favour the most. It would be best for the interior design style to be able to reflect your aesthetic sense and personality

Apart from that, you will also need to take a couple of measurements of the space to be designed or decorated. By taking measurements, you can note which shapes or sizes of furniture pieces best suit your interior. To make the measuring and planning easier, you can start with large furniture pieces that will occupy more space – sofas, cabinets, consoles, etc. 

In the search for inspirations and ideas for your interior design, you can observe your surroundings wherever you are. Holidays can be a great way to generate creative ideas, so why not go on a trip and observe different interiors in other countries or states? Perhaps by using these unique ideas which you have gathered during your travels, you can get more creative inspiration for designing or decorating your interior. 

6 Do's And Don'ts Of Interior Design

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Spending time in decorating or designing your interior should be done carefully. You should not rush to the furniture store, simply get a few pieces of furniture, and just install them without planning first.

Rather, you should first study and survey room or space to be designed. Sit quietly with no disturbances and look carefully from top to bottom. Then, write all your ideas down and start brainstorming about what you can put inside the space to make it look amazing!

In addition, feel free to follow your own style rather than rely on hearsay and what is in trend at the moment.

Take your time and think things through before making any decisions to avoid regrets, especially if you will be using the space for a long time. 

So do not rush to purchase everything you need all at once. Start from the bigger, more expensive furniture pieces before moving to the other smaller items to save money, time, and effort. 



Once you have purchased your wishlist items for your interior, the next step will be displaying them. But before that, group and organize them well to make them look nice in your room. 

You may create small groups for your collections to prevent them from making your room look cluttered. You can also use racks or bookshelves to display smaller pieces, such as decorations, antiques, and even indoor plants. 


Colours look good on your walls, but not if it is a colour you are unsure about. If you have doubts about using a colour for your wall, it will be best to go with your instincts and not do so. Not only will the outcome be unsatisfactory, it will also be disappointing if the colour used does not match the rest of your interior.

If you need professional advice regarding colours, we recommend that you find an interior designer or painter to help you. 


There is nothing wrong with mixing warm and cool colours, as well as combining different design styles for your interior. For example, you can get a big rug with different colours and patterns to enhance your interior design. 

6 Do's And Don'ts Of Interior Design

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Do not hold back on the number of seaters, thinking that ‘less is more’. That is not always the best case for your interior, especially for a communal space such as a living room. Always consider your guests and provide more seats for them whenever they visit your home. 

6 Do's And Don'ts Of Interior Design

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In conclusion, one should plan carefully, sort their wishlist, and take note of how their interiors will look eventually. This will help you design your spaces well, so you can look back at these tips wherever you want to carry out an interior design project. 


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