6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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Holiday homes are becoming increasingly popular, with many holiday enthusiasts searching for accommodation that makes their stay feel like a home away from home.

In result, a growing number of homeowners today are deciding to upgrade their existing property into an amazing place for holidaymakers to get away. If done well, it can even be a good extra source of income too!

For this purpose, we write this article to share with you some of the top tips to transform your HDB into that ideal holiday home you’d love to immense yourself in.

1. Get Your Head Around The Space

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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Think about the number of people that could sleep in your home and let this guide you from the beginning.

If you’ve got a larger home, think about what big families and friendship groups will want. Consider an open plan layout downstairs which will allow guests to spend time together.

Large holiday homes often attract wedding parties and family birthdays, so try adding practical features such as a multi-room sound system or a large dining table to fit that objective.


2. Opt For Subtle Style

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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Whether you’re renovating from scratch or updating the current décor – colour is vital. Not only does it set the tone for your property but it can put people off instantly. While polka dots or bright yellow might be to your taste, the chances are they aren’t to everyone else’s.

Instead, choose calming and neutral colours – think cream, beige and stone. Add a splash of colour through accessories and soft furnishings like rugs, vases, cushions and curtains. Choose a theme and roll with it, this way you’ll stick to similar colours and styles throughout the entire home.

Try to remember it’s not just about what you like, but what your guests will love – and make them want to come again!

3. Be Creative

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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You don’t have to live in a lighthouse to offer guests something different, you just have to add your own touch.

For instance, if you have an old property, reconnect with its history and consider exposing traditional features such as beams and brickwork, or incorporate flagstone floors and stable stalls into your design.

You can also leave (or buy) exposed piping, old-style lighting and vintage cast iron radiators in place. Even visit your local antiques shop to find your upcycling inspiration!

4. Lighting Is Key

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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It’s a known trick that lighting can transform a room, so think about how you can bring in the most natural light.

Replace thick curtains with lightweight blinds or shutters to make the room brighter and appear bigger. If your home is surrounded by fantastic scenery, add floor-length glass windows or doors, remember, views sell.

Adding features like a log fire can create a warm glow and enhance the coziness of your room too. It can also set a romantic scene if you’re hoping to target couples.

5. Add A Luxury Touch

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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If you want to create a luxury getaway, extra features such as a hot tub could spark more bookings from customers looking for that special touch.

Most visitors expect a TV and Wi-Fi as their minimum requirement though, so check you’ve ticked most things off before upgrading.

Another reason travelers prefer to stay in holiday homes are the personal additions prepared by homeowners for them. This could be a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or just some milk and bread to save them a trip to the shop on their first evening.

6. Make Savvy Choices

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

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Don’t forget functionality when choosing fabrics and furniture, especially if your main guests are families with young children.

As a good start, you may choose colours or prints which disguise marks as they can withstand general wear and tear. Avoid whites and creams on the floor which will collect dirt, or glass surfaces which are hard to keep clean.

Instead, simple tricks like choosing a sofa with removable and washable arm sleeves or an easy to clean leather option can save you time and money.



In a nutshell, we hope this article helps you find ideas and inspirations to transform your HDB into a perfect holiday home. As a matter of fact, it can be a fun and rewarding experience as well as a means to boost your monthly income significantly.

Last but not least, if you are considering to embark upon this home renovation journey, do not ever forget to make the most of it, have fun and climb into your ideal customers’ shoes to work out exactly what they want!

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