7 Common Interior Design Mistakes

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Making mistakes is unavoidable while decorating our homes, especially for those with little to no experience in interior design.

However, that does not mean you should not follow your own style and preferences in designing your living space. But then how can one avoid common interior design mistakes?

This article lists 7 common mistakes to look out for so that you may avoid them for your interior design in the future.


A room full of furniture will never feel spacious. All of your furnishings should be neatly placed to properly meet your needs for functionality and comfort. Do not let the furniture obstruct or restrict movement in the space. 

If the room feels cramped, remove one or two pieces of furniture to see if it eases that uncomfortable feeling. Rearranging the furniture pieces can also alleviate this problem.

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes

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It is a bit tricky when you are trying to get the lighting right for your home. If the lights are too bright, there could be a lack of warmth in the space. But if the lights are too dim, the area will then feel uninviting or uncomfortable

You may try to include around three lighting sources so that you will be able to adjust the brightness of your home depending on your desired mood.


The room will look bland and dull if you match everything with the same colour. Try using complementary colour schemes rather than singular ones, and plan well. If you are still unsure about colour matching, you can get a designer to give you some advice.

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes

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People often fall into the trap of pushing all their furniture to the walls of the room. In fact, this neither makes your room look good nor save any space for your home as your walls will end up looking visually cluttered.


When starting an interior design project, it would be wise to consider the architecture of the house and follow some of the most popular interior design styles. However, rooms that are overly themed may look tacky and one-dimensional. If you want to have fashionable and trendy aesthetic interiors, you may want to stick to a single-themed interior design.


When buying curtains, some people choose cheap curtains because their prices are affordable. The selection process for curtains is very important. Many curtains are made from chemical-based synthetic fibre fabrics. These raw materials originate from coal, oil, and natural gas, which have poor moisture absorption and are not breathable, thus releasing some harmful gases. Using this kind of materials for curtain fabric can lead to poor air circulation and an increase in bacteria, which can cause diseases.


Choose a rug that fits your space and matches the decor in your living room. Your room may look smaller and less spacious if the rug is too big. However, if your rug is too small, it may look like there is wasted space in the room. Ensure that your room measurements are suited for the size of the rug you intend to get. 

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes

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In conclusion, here are the 7 common interior design mistakes that you should avoid to make your living space look nice and comfortable to stay in. If you find this article useful, please share it with your family and friends.


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