7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

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(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian)

You’re never really finished on modeling your house, are you? There is always something to add here, some new items to put on the shelf or a new remodeling idea floating around somewhere in your brain.

For some people, it’s just a hard switch to flip. Others can look at a white wall, slap a painting on their and call it a day while others need to step back and see the whole picture.

If you’re looking to spruce up the inside of your home, check out some of these tips below.

Go Easy on the Knicknacks

If you’re someone that loves to collect or travel, you’ve probably got a lot of thingamajigs lying around the home.

There’s no problem in showing it off, but the last thing you want to do is look like a hoarder. Think of what you want to be essential on your shelves. Don’t over clutter it with pictures or little figurines. Put what’s most vital to you on your living room and dining room shelves.

Save the rest for a personal space, like your office or bedroom.

7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

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Be Creative With Storage

Storage is never a “fun” thing to talk about whenever you go into someone’s home. Everyone always wants to see the new kitchen or bathroom, not the linen closet.

Storing your items in plain sight is a way to clear away some paraphernalia and show your creativity in maximizing some space. Go vertical with baskets on top of cabinets or add some sliding barn doors instead of conventional doors.

Hanging Around

No matter what space issues you may have, it will always be possible to hang stuff up. Pegs are a great way to look chic and keep everything off the floor.

You can add some pegs to your mudroom or washer and dryer room to hang your jackets or even shoes. Another great place to add pegs is to the back of your closet door!

The Uneven Edge

In the past, you might have lined up any photos on the wall in perfect order and size. Now, you can mix and match the height of your photos and frame sizes.

Many stores, like IKEA, are selling sets of frames with certain design ideas. The mix and match of sizes looks really neat when you pull back. The most difficult part is making sure you print the right photos for the right sized frames.

Light it Up

Think about changing your lighting in different rooms. Instead of opting to light up the room with your big overhead light.

Invest in a bunch of smaller lamps, either floor, table or hanging lamps to spruce up your room. Also, go green with big windows letting in a lot of natural light. Your electricity bill will thank you later.

7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

Image © First Dot Design

A Bed Rest

While we all love sleeping (and wish we could get more of it), putting a footrest at the end of your bed is a new, great idea.

Not only is it a great place to pile some clothes, but it’s an easy place to sit down to change clothes or tie your shoes while bringing the whole room in together.

Coloured Light Bulbs

Another great idea with going green, but many smart light bulbs offer various colors you can put to liven up your room.

They work perfectly in a hallway or entryway to give your home a different theme and feel.

Know When to Call it Quits

This last idea isn’t really so much of an idea as it is a suggestion. If you can flashback to your days of high school English and writing papers, you might remember the editing phase. There were always a few commas to take out, words to be replaced and paragraphs that needed to be rewritten.

Eventually though, you needed to stop. The same goes with your interior decorating. You can always add something else, but eventually you’ll just need to stop, sit back and enjoy what you’ve done. Don’t put pressure on yourself to always come up with the next big idea!

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