7 Renovation Items You Should Never Cut Cost On

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Home renovation is like a full-fledged wild fire; it can eat up as much money as you can give. 

Of course you would want to keep the renovation cost at a minimum, that’s understandable, but cutting cost thoughtlessly might end up damaging your quality of life, once you move into your renovated home. 

In reality, there are some renovation items you should always invest on. Look at the list below and make your spending decisions wisely. 


Wiring and piping

Wiring and piping are usually installed in concealed places, for example, deep in the walls. They are difficult to remove and reinstall. Some secondhand property’s piping and wiring materials already satisfy safety requirements and do not have to be replaced. 

However, you may also consider reinstalling pipes with a larger diameter for a stronger water current. 



Don’t cut down the budget for bathroom waterproofing.

The waterproof layer for the walls should be at least 6 feet in height. Before applying waterproof coatings, even out the floor and wall surfaces.

Generally speaking, there should be at least 3 coatings for the floor and 2 for the walls. Apply a thin layer of waterproof coating and let it dry before applying the second layer. 

Apply extra layers for leakage-prone areas like the door saddle, floor drain, pipes and gaps, and the rims around the toilet pipes. 



Walls and floors are large flat surfaces that are always exposed to sight. If your walls and floors are bumpy, even the best tiles, wallpaper and paint will crack. 

Therefore, always even out these surfaces before laying materials on them. 

Wallpaper tends to create a better visual effect than paint. Do not buy substandard wallpaper glue, since it often contains formaldehyde, which is a harmful volatile organic compound. 


Daily items and metal components

Inconspicuous items like floor drain and ceiling lights often directly affect your living quality. Low-grade floor drains easily cause blockage and odour problems. Ordinary lights might malfunction under prolonged exposure to high humidity. Therefore, lights for the bathroom should always be waterproofed before use. 

Also, the quality of the furniture’s metal parts often determines its lifespan. Remember to inspect the metal parts before purchasing the furniture.


Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware is among one of the most frequently used items in a household. We seldom replace the toilet, the washing basin or faucets. It is best to purchase for quality when it comes to sanitary items, especially the faucets and soft pipes. 


Tempered glass

Glass shower stall and shelf board accidents sometimes happen because the glass material is substandard. Quality tempered glass is less likely to break, and even when breakage occurs, the glass fragments are less likely to harm you because of the way they break. 

To ensure domestic safety, you should invest on quality tempered glass.


Anti-slip floor treatment

Bathrooms are perennially in a state of high humidity. Ordinary tiles cannot protect you from slipping accidents. Especially for households with elderly and kids, bathroom anti-slip treatment is indispensable. A bit of investment does go a long way. 

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