8 Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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Since the COVID-19 lockdown and the eventual rise of more people spending time at home, everyone seems to have taken up an interest in redecorating their homes. There are now more people painting, moving, or reupholstering their homes. This is likely due to more time on their hands. Good thing that they have Instagram and a wealth of interior design accounts that they can check on Instagram for inspiration.

Instagram has been inspiring people to do many things across many fronts. From art to design, fashion, and food, millions of accounts can inspire people across any field to do anything. A large number of these people and accounts means that it might be overwhelming to navigate this platform.

From industry veterans to new-age design influencers and interior design Instagram accounts, several accounts can stimulate the connection between homeowners and designers, making the entire process mainstream. As an outlet, Instagram is very creative and provides designers with a creative way to attract new customers.

Since the launching of Instagram, it has become the first choice tool for young decorators and interior designers worldwide. While it is not as polished as a design portfolio produced professionally, it puts you before the public and shows them what you do and who you are.

There’s a new set of interior designers using a social media savvy approach to set the pace for other designers. So, we look at some of these people and the interior design accounts that people should follow.

8 Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Image © Christopher Burns on Unsplash

1. Sarah Sherman Samuel (@sarahshermansam)

Sarah Sherman Samuel is an interior designer based in Los Angeles. She uses her Instagram account and her posts to highlight her work as an interior designer (with a small part of her personality). She has a sleek and clean style that has seen her amass over 250k followers.

As an interior designer, she uses mostly creamy and white tones and creates contrast by adding warm woods while also popping some primary colours that you wouldn’t expect.

If you are looking to create a home design with a modern-magazine look, then this is the account for you.

2. Grant K. Gibson (@grantkgibson)

Grant K. Gibson is more than just an interior designer; he can also provide assignment help with his author’s skills. His designs are usually a little traditional. While he gets inspired by history, his fresh approach to design means he can create beautiful, functional, and classic rooms.

His account is beautifully curated, so you find curved armchairs, intricate moulding, and historic architecture that are modernizing gorgeously with clean accents and stark colour contrasts.

There are also numerous pictures of his westie, Wesley. If you love dogs and interior design with a historical touch, then Grant Gibson is an ideal person to follow on Instagram.

3. Studio McGee (@studiomcgee)

This is a design team made up of a couple, and they have almost 1 million Instagram followers. This couple started the Studio McGee interior design firm in 2015. Since then, the popularity of their work has continued to soar.

Most pictures on their Instagram account are modern, symmetrical furniture, as well as a very magnificent kitchen. If you also love to combine white with navy, brown, and dog, you should follow this account.

4. Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney)

Justina Blakeney is an interior designer, artist, entrepreneur, and mother. She’s more than capable of the best writing service as she’s also a New York Times bestselling author. She has a website, Jungalow, that serves as her one-stop-shop for everything that she does.

Meanwhile, her Instagram account has a focus on her designs and her personal life. You are likely going to love what you will see on this page, from the bright textiles to the jungle-inspired roomsbody positivity, and lots of bold colours.

5. Emily Henderson (em_henderson)

Emily Henderson already has more than 800k followers on Instagram, which is a testament to the good work that she’s doing. If you love a design that perfectly balances the modern and retro styles, then you love Emily’s work and should follow her account. She is also an author and has her blog, while also being an HGTV personality and a stylist.

According to her, she has a commitment towards approachable homes for everyone that are vintage-inspired. Examples of her works, which you can find on Instagram, are the cosy woods and bright white walls paired with a mid-century accent.

6. Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler)

Kelly Wearstler is an architect and interior designer that knows her onus. She can create products and spaces for both commercial and residential locations but with multi-layered, unique, and provocative designs.

Her Instagram account also shows colour, form, and texture regularly in a way that creates space uniquely. Apart from the staged rooms, she also features abstract designs, patterns, and portraits. So you have an artist that provides you with different kinds of inspiration.

7. Ryan Korban (@ryankorban)

Ryan Korban is an interior designer and a well-known author based in New York. He has a style that can be described best as elevated, romantic, and chic. He’s called the arbiter of taste for a reason.

So, if you are a big fan of massive walk-in closets, elegant pillars, historic architecture, marble structures, etc., then you will love this Instagram account. He also accents with millennial pink; it could be a whole room or a bouquet of roses.

8. Dabito (@dabito)

Dabito is a creative director and the founder of Old Brand New. He specializes in design, art, and branding. His design approach is from an angle of craft, but his unexpected and bold colour palettes help him stand out, and his globetrotting expeditions also help his inspirations.

His Instagram page contains cosy spaces with light fixtures that are interesting and have an aesthetic driven by nature. The numerous vivid hues should also brighten your feed up.


If you are looking for interior design inspiration, the most appropriate platform for you to check is Instagram. While there are many creative interior designers and interior design accounts that you can follow, we hope this has inspired you to check out the 8 prominent Instagram accounts mentioned above.


8 Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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