8 Fantastic Tips For Home Renovation And Extension

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(Guest Writer: Lucas Smith)

Without a doubt, home extension renovations are among the most expensive things you can do with your house. There is no room for mistakes when a considerable amount of money is involved. For this reason, it is incredibly critical to be careful at each step of home extension renovations.

After thorough research, we found out that people often make the same mistakes during home extension renovations. Using our findings, we were able to compile a list of the best tips one can use for their home renovation and extension.

8 Fantastic Tips For Home Renovation And Extension

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1. Plan Your Budget

When it comes to home extension renovations, it is essential to plan your budget beforehand. Also, it is necessary to keep your budget underestimated before you start looking for the things you need. Once you have a rough idea of your total expenditure, you should be able to make the right decisions on other renovation features.

Additionally, consider reserving funds for any unexpected costs like dining out or staying a night or two in a hotel. To make sure your budget is realistic, it is recommended to have your contractor look over your budget plan.

2. Don’t Ignore Small Things

It is essential to include the cost of small things like doorknobs, switch lights, cupboards, and bookshelves in your budget plan. When added together, these things can raise your prices significantly. Many builders suggest that they add 20% to your total expenses, so you must consider including it in your budget.

3. Don’t Ignore Paint and Lighting

Home renovation extensions call for new paint. Being on a tight budget with renovations north shore, buying different colour palettes might seem unreasonable. If you wish to give your house a sophisticated look and you’re on a tight budget, you should opt for black and white palettes.

Before committing to a palette, you should consider natural lighting too. Look for the source of light and see how it will affect the colours of your choice.

4. Hire Professionals

Do not skimp on the experts if you’re working on a big project. In particular, some developers suggest appointing a quantity surveyor for extensive renovations. If you’re working on a project with a hefty budget, a quantity surveyor is worth hiring as they help you with budgeting and keep your costs low.

5. Find Cheaper Furniture and Decor

When renovating your house in north shore, you will find several options to buy furniture and decor items from. Products you liked at a high-end store can always be purchased at lower prices from different stores.

If you’re on a tight budget and you wish to buy the furniture and decorating item that you like, then do the research beforehand. In this way, you’re more likely to find these supplies at lower prices. You can also look for these items online or at thrift stores.

6. Get Reliable Contractors Only

Finding a reliable contractor is a vital part of home extension renovations. Whether you’re opting for a general contractor or an individual subcontractor, finding the right team is essential to complete your home renovation. Before going for a contractor recommended by your friends, do a complete check on the contractor.

From their license to their insurance certificate, you must make sure that you’re dealing with a professional with an excellent financial standing. You should also check their previous work to understand better what services they offer. Finding a contractor who understands your ideas is also essential. Therefore, an interview or discussion before making a legal contract can be helpful.

7. Make Use of Mirrors

One inexpensive way to make your small house look bigger is to use mirrors. Not only do mirrors give you the illusion of depth, but they also reflect natural and artificial lights to make the room look bigger and spacious. Also, use mirrors to decorate your walls. This is because mirrors add a polished touch to your interiors. It is also useful in giving your house a sophisticated look.

8. Install Large Windows

Windows are the primary source of light inside your house, so you should consider installing large windows. Installing large windows will make your house look spacious and much brighter. This has recently become a design trend in local home renovations.


Home extension renovation will never be complicated if you plan to make the right decisions regarding your budget. When you implement proper renovation strategies, you may find your renovation forming well around the best suggestions from yourself and your contractor. Give your home a beautiful look that will reflect your outstanding choices.

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