8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

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Charismatic players and the fast pace of sports ensure that girls and boys have sporting idols to look up to. Take your boy’s or girl’s passion for sports and incorporate these fun themes and ideas in their room.It does not have to be a fantastic looking room, as long as it is comfy and FUN for your kid to be in, then that will do the trick. Use the sport that your child loves as a design inspiration for his or her bedroom.

In other words, if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for you! Presenting the list of fun sports-themes bedroom ideas.

P.S: Adults, you may copy these themes too!

The Home Run

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

  Image via: DIY Home Life

A bedroom is a perfect place for kids to let their creativity loose and showcase their unique personalities. The picture above – Baseball might not be huge in this side of the world, but you can create a small baseball pitch for your kid’s bedroom.

rug or a carpet that looks like a field will fit this theme perfectly. It gives a feeling of sleeping on a baseball pitch! While at that, you can also create a customized wallpaper mural to match the theme.

The Freekick Specialist

So your little ones are not that little anymore, and you have to create a fun sports-theme with a budget? Then aim for a versatile space. Their interests are changing and so are their needs.Why not then incorporate enough sophistication in their room. Picture below – is a fun upgrade you can use. This playful space gives football an extra dose of fun. The walls featuring adorable characters, add the perfect touch.

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Image via: Rilane

The I’m Gonna Knock You Out

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Image via: HGTV

There are tons of different types of fun decor you can use in your kid’s bedroom, from sports equipment to vintage pieces to movie memorabilia. The best way and perhaps the easiest way to create a room for your little ones is to zero in on his passions and interests.

Well, in this case, it is boxing. Remember to start with the things they love, add an extra dose of fun, and leave plenty of room to box grow. With this wall-mounted picture, it is a fun and inspiring décor for any young one to get motivated.

The Shooting Some B’Balls Outside of School

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

  Image via: Homesthetics.net  

So, you received your bonus, and you have a little more money to work with? Then, consider going all out with an elaborately fun sports theme space. Just remember to keep the focus on fun and play, no matter what you choose.

In this room, if your kid ever needs some inspiration, all he has to do is to look up! Your kid must have his domain! This ‘basketball looking ball’ is cleverly constructed in a net-like structure, bringing the basketball-themed to life.  

The Ace-Server

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

  Image via: IMGLabs.co

Does your little one love tennis, and by the way, who says tennis is just for boys? Help your little one bring his ace-serving skills to life with a creative and fun tennis-themed room!

This tennis-ball-filled room is perfect for the ace-serving kid who sleeps with his tennis racket!

With trophies lining up the walls, and a bedside lamp that looks like a…tennis ball, coupled with a comfy bed and round shaped bolsters, this kid is poised to be the next Wimbledon champion.  

The I Can Balance On A Tightrope

Taking a somewhat balanced approach, this fun gymnastic-inspired room is the perfect blend of fun and play. Bring forth the gymnastic grace with this fun and cozy bedroom!  

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Image via: Blogspot

Incorporate that timeless gymnastic moves, bright colors, and cool upholstery, into a clean, fun and colorful design. Any budding gymnast is sure to love this for years to come.

The built-in balance beam completes a gymnast dream to life. The pink and purple color scheme delivers a balanced nod to your kid’s passion: Gymnastics.

The Climber

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Image via: makehouse

A striking climbing wall dominates in this bold and fun space. Part bunk bed and part climbing wall structure, this attractive and challenging built-in, is all about climbing and loads of fun.

Reclaimed wood hues give the unique double-bed a masculine appeal, and rustic colors and fabrics add to the unusual combination.

With its focus on natural lighting, this creative wall-climbing-themed space looks more like a climbing escapade than a little kid’s bedroom! Functional and built around fun, this fun design is a straight-up winner!

The Gold-Medal Swimmer

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

 Image via: Pinterest

Set that ‘splish-splash’ mood with a fun swimming-themed space in your kid’s bedroom. By adding loud colors of the swimming pool around the room, you will find the perfect stroke in igniting your kid’s passion.

As seen in the picture above, it embraces the recognizable silhouette and color in the room. The vintage swimming stride is a fun way to paint on the ceiling. If there is anything that can allay the aquaphobia in your child, a fun room like this might cure the fear away.

The Winner Is…

No one in particular. Every fun sports theme room is a winner in its own right. A child might like one room better than the other.Before we forget, a bedroom is the most fun place to showcase one’s unique personalities and also a bubbling cauldron to let that creativity go free.

So go on then and give that room a dollop of fun-themed treatment. A gallon of paint and some masking tape might be all it takes.


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