8 Interior Design Industry Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

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(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman)

We’ve had a long year in 2020, but thankfully we are getting to the end of it, and we can now start looking towards 2021, knowing it will be better. We had some exciting interior design trends in 2020, but we’re more excited about the trends we expect to see in 2021.

We now see that there’s more emphasis on sustainability with sustainable materials becoming more critical, and there are also essential elements to celebrate uniqueness and individuality.

This article will give you an idea of what your home should look like going into the New Year 2021.

Here’s a breakdown of 8 interior design industry trends for 2021.

Rustic Vogue

The appearance of this is more of a crowd pleaser’s. It seems to appeal to everybody who loves the look of a modern home and looks to input some characteristic details in their living spaces.

This is ideal for homes with some exciting features in it already, such as panelled walls, original floorboards, exposed beams, etc., but it can also be recreated by balancing new pieces with old pieces that work in harmony together.

The primary material used to hold this together is reclaimed wood. So, you can look for new pieces with plenty of texture and grains rather than other items that are already perfect.

Arts and Crafts

This is more like an extension of the previous trend to some extent. This arts-and-crafts trend was born from the industrial revolution of the 19th-century movement. This movement aims to reform the creation of thingsreverse the machine-dominated production (which can have damaging effects), and increase the value of handmade decorative pieces.

According to college paper reviews, the revival of the arts and crafts is a trend that is gaining more momentum. More people now appreciate the value of decorative styles made by hand and are encapsulated in this trend.

Distant Shores

We all want that laid-back lifestyle where we can watch the shorelines move like in Hawaii. This next trend is the imagination of this possibility. While we all long for that tropical timeout, we can be inspired by the same distant shores right there in our home.

This trend offers a relaxing and calm living space that makes the house look safe and inviting for all. It also adds a modern advantage to a floral design that’s even classic. This trend also features soft lemons, subtle monotones, and tropical bright colour.

You can also use floral and tropical leaves for bringing that outdoor feeling indoors, in addition to introducing greenery into your home. The digital prints are easy-living and were designed to be compatible with colour palettes that emulate the landscape of Hawaii.


The vintage scheme trend encompasses retro, salvaged, repurposed, and antique pieces. The key to this is to reference this look and not just slavishly reproduce it with favourite pieces and intense colours with a vibrant, cohesive aesthetic and a less-is-more approach. The primary thing with this approach is to create a lot of contrast.

You can gradually build this vintage style. It has a look that needs layering. You only need to choose the pieces that have meaning to you with time. You can then add some luxe elements such as statement lighting and rich fabrics to create a more contemporary note.

Earthy and Grounded Shades

Colours like Dulux and urbane bronze have been hailed in the past, but for 2021, more emphasis is on an earthy and natural colour palette. This is packed with deep reds, warm greens, rust, and slubby browns. It offers something welcoming and comforting, which is what we all need going into 2021. You’ll love it.

Global Influence

This is a trend that is inspired by natural textures, warm and earth colour palettes. This global influence trend can be paired with wooden, rattan, and woven home accessories perfectly. It also has a bold safari feel, which is gotten from African plains and wildlife.

This is a significant trend for 2021 for both the fashion and interior décor industry. It has a warm tone that people tend to favour over the cooler greys. This interior trend translates easily into your home.

Ocean Hues

This trend gives a calm and contemporary look with a relaxing poolside, inky blues, aqua, beach getaways, etc. It shows a shift to tranquil and modern interior colour, mainly associated with comfort, calm, and peace.

major colour trend in the coming year is ocean blue. It can vary from soft aquas and deep inky tones. If you’re looking to create tranquillity in your home, blue is that colour for it.

Classic Traditionalism

This trend is a timeless trend inspired by incorporating classic art historical pieces and antiques of the 18th & 19th centuries. This trend has a sense of order and harmony to living space and has a décor scheme that works perfectly together.

Classic traditionalism favours symmetry and is seen in classic damasks, courtly strips, ornate scrolls, etc. Away from the bold and graphic geometrics, classic and traditional designs are now the major trends. The aim and challenge are to capture the global style aesthetic through a creative and unique perspective.

The inspiration for this trend is out-of-the-box thinking. It takes its influence from nature. It’s nostalgic, with the living spaces reflecting the situation that we are in at the momentembracing familiar patterns and calming colour palettes, which creates a sanctuary within your home.

8 Interior Design Industry Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

Image © Alberto Castillo Q. via Unsplash


Trends in all industries are very temporary. So, while the trends for 2020 have passed, these are some of the trends that we see taking up the interior design industry heading into 2021.

If you like these trends, then you should adopt them for your interior decoration. You can also hire an interior designer to help you implement them into your home.

However, you must remember to design your space in the best way for you first. That’s more important than following the trends if trends are not your thing.


8 Interior Design Industry Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

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