9 Ways To Design the Perfect Nook Space for a Writer

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that a writing nook is a crucial part of any writer’s toolkit. What is a painter without his easel, after all? Making sure that your writing nook has all the accessories it needs to be a perfect companion to your literary adventures is key to ensuring that the work you churn out is top quality.

No one wants to create art in a place that they are not comfortable in. So here are nine important steps and things to remember when creating your own little slice of writing heaven.

9 Ways To Design the Perfect Nook Space for a Writer

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

1. Pick the Right Spot

This is the first and most important thing to get in place before you even think about designing your writer’s nook.

Hannah Marin, a qualified interior design writer at Stateofwriting.com, noted, “Your writing space needs to be calm, secluded, and set apart from the rest of the house or living space.”

If you only have one room, set up a divider. It can’t feel like your writing space is just a desk in a corner. For good work to be done, your space needs to feel like its own little world.

In addition to picking the right spot, make sure you have electrical outlets near your space! This is just as important because it will mean a dying laptop will never stop a creative breakthrough.

2. Window Time

Natural light is nature’s best medicine. It is well known for its positive effect on mental health, mental acuity, and brain function. It also improves creativityclear thinking, and can keep you energized for longer periods of time. If your nook is by a window, you are definitely winning!

3. Picking Your Desk

When crafting the perfect writing nook, it is important to wrap your head around how much space that you’re going to need for all your materials. Think about storage for pens and paper, how big your laptop is, and what kind of space you’re going to need to feel comfortable writing in your day-to-day routine.

4. Chair Time

Writing is not a quick and easy process, and it is so important to be comfortable while you are working! Make sure the chair you purchase or use for your space is sturdy but soft enough to be easy to sit on for long periods of time in order to not stop your creative process.

9 Ways To Design the Perfect Nook Space for a WriterWorkspace done by First Dot Design

5. Light it Up!

Although natural lighting is the best to light up your working world, it is also important to supplement this (especially if you’re writing after dark) with a desk lamp or standalone lighting fixture to make your writing nook a 24/7 space.

6. Decorations, Decorations

What motivates you and inspires your creativity? Think about what brightens up your mood and what gets your creative juices flowing. It is so important to accessorise your space so it’s not plain and boring. Boring spaces lead to boring outputs. Jazz up your space!

7. Shelf It

It is important to have a storage solution or two around your writing nook to ensure that your space is creative but also useful. Pop up a shelf, a floating storage solution, or a corner nook shelf to add some utility to your otherwise creative space. Having effective storage will help your space not become cluttered or messy.

9 Ways To Design the Perfect Nook Space for a WriterWorkspace done by ArtDecor Design Studio

8. Add a Blanket

It might seem silly, but it’s really not! Writing can overwhelm you and you can end up writing into the end of a cold winter’s night, or you might get an idea at 4 o’clock in the morning. For all the strange times that you get brainwaves, have a blanket at the ready. It will also add to the cosy and warm feel of your space.

9. Try a Sign

The final piece, the cherry on top of your writing nook cake; is a sign.

My personal favourite is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Writing in Progress’ sign, which outlines exactly what the space is being used for and give you the space and peace that you need. It also tells people that when the sign is hung, they need to take a hike and give you your creative space!

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