A good sleep leads to a good life – Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

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Have you ever experienced insomnia that you didn’t have energy for work? All of us know the importance of sleeping. Poor sleep affects not only our physical health but also our mood. If you want to have a good sleep at night, you need to have a good mattress.

Therefore, we cannot be careless when choosing the right mattress. Everyone has different preference and needs for a mattress. How to choose the right one? We can consider the following aspects before making a purchase.


A good sleep leads to a good life - Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

The spring in the mattress provides support for the mattress. The springs are mainly divided into inner spring, open spring, interlocking spring and independent pocket spring. Most of the outstanding mattresses use individual pocket spring. As each of the spring is covered by a separate cloth bag, when a single spring is compressed, it will not affect other springs. This design makes the mattress more ergonomic and makes us sleep more comfortably. Moreover, the independent pocket spring prevents metal friction between the springs, so it has a better silent effect.


A good sleep leads to a good life - Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

Some people prefer a hard mattress to support our body, while some may prefer a soft mattress that is comfortable as the hotel one. In fact, research suggests that the most ideal softness of a mattress is “medium”. In addition to supporting the waist and legs, we also need soft texture to surround the shoulders and hips. If there is no way to achieve the moderate hardness, the spine and muscles cannot be supported and protected.

3.The quality of the sponge

A good sleep leads to a good life - Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

Most of the sponges in the mattress are available in different types and densities. High-quality mattresses can increase comfort, support, breathability, and resilience. I believe most of you have heard about memory foam. This sponge has the characteristic of slow rebound, which can better fit the body curve and effectively relieve stress on the body. However, some people do not like the feeling of sinking of the memory foam, and the elasticity is relatively low.

A good sleep leads to a good life - Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

The 3 aspects mentioned above are all important. How to choose the best mattress?  The American mattress brand, Hush Home, developed a hybrid mattress that separates one mattress into several layers. The bottom layer is the independent pocket springs, which reduce the movement in bed when your partner moves. There are mechanical support cotton, high-density memory cotton and breathable space cotton on the spring. They can support lumbar, relieve pressure, and increase the breathability. This design combines the advantages of different bedding materials to ensure that consumers get the best quality sleep. What’s more, as Hush home is a online shop, they do not need to consider the distributors’ profits and commissions when pricing. Thus, it is value for money than the mattress from retail shop.

In addition to the choice of big brands, there are many different options to buy mattress in Hong Kong. In addition to understanding the characteristics of a good mattress, we also need to consider whether the price is reasonable. With a good mattress, you can have a good sleep to be energetic at work!


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