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Apart from being an owner of a restaurant, he is also a pet owner for 4 big dogs. In order to be a pet-friendly home, he decided to decorate his new home in his favorite Nordic style.

療癒系寵物住宅 與毛孩共建汪星人樂園

In order to give more space for the pets at home, he broke the old partition wall and introduce the bright light in an open design. The designer used gray hexagonal tiles in the porch to connect the living area. To maintain the Nordic style, the owner chose a scratch-resistant and wear-resistant wooden floor paving to give a fresh and rustic feel. There is Italian mineral coating for the TV wall to create a warm feel.

療癒系寵物住宅 與毛孩共建汪星人樂園

The daylight living room next to the living room deliberately uses staggered mosaic and embossed glass to create a looming boundary, so that the owner can look at his pets at any time. This design introduces the sunlight which enlarges the overall view of the living room.  Complement with the lazy couch with a storage function, it successfully creates a leisure space for pets to have fun.

For suggestions on the home design with pets, we interviewed Andy, the decoration consultant for more advice.

“There may be smell if you have pets at home and their hair may spread around. Therefore, I would recommend the pet owners to clean their home more frequently and to buy an air purifying machine at home. In addition, for the health of pets, they should buy the furniture and floor tiles with low VOC content to prevent them from inhaling the harmful substances. The most important thing is that we generally suggest that pet owners choosing the wear-resistant flooring where pets can run around without worrying it being scratched. “


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