A small suite for fashionable single man

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It is the bounden duty of interior designers to highlight the distinctive personality of the owner of the home in a limited space. In this small apartment, the design team made use of calm colors and unique furnishings to successfully create a stylish yet warm light industrial style house.

A small suite for fashionable single man

The main color schemes are black, white and gray for the entire apartment. The mixing and matching colors in different shades creates a calm space tone, and the mid-tone wooden floor and caramel-colored sofa add warmth to the overall home. 

A small suite for fashionable single man

In order to make the home more spacious, the designer used simple iron pieces and glass to separate the bedroom and public areas to make the space open without blocking the vision.

A small suite for fashionable single man A small suite for fashionable single man

In addition, to enhance the texture of the space. The designer filled the walls with stone textures at simple intervals, such as the dark black imitation stone bedside wall in the bedroom and the light gray millstone texture wall tiles in bathroom. These little changes enrich the interior layer. The designer also hangs various paintings and potted plants at home to make it more vibrant.

For the design suggestions of this apartment, we interviewed Andy, the decoration consultant for more advice.

“The apartment is well-done in color matching and has successfully used dull colors to create the calm atmosphere. In addition, using transparent glass to expand the sense of space is also a nice idea. This type of glass door cannot be bought in the ordinary homeware shop. You can only buy the customized one. Although it is not very expensive, there is a chance that the entire glass structure will be divided into several parts and you will need to assemble at home.”


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