About Window Air Conditioners

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Window air conditioners are a type of air-conditioning electrical appliances.

This type of air-con is usually installed on in windows only. Smaller and more compact than the split air conditioner, the window air conditioner has both cooling and ventilating devices built in one small machine.


Size matters

About Window Air Conditioners

Normally the size of the window air-con, as well as its cooling efficacy, depend on the power of the machine. The power consumption of common air conditioners on the market ranges from 3/4 hp to 3hp.

Since the window air conditioner is easy to maintain, and the installation simple and affordable, you can often find this type of air conditioner in domestic and small-scale business arenas.


Space-saving but noisy

In Asia, most people live in small flats, and the windows often have these small concrete platform extensions. Therefore, window air conditioners seem to be the go-to air-conditioning option.

But because of its compact, build, the window air-con’s blower and exhaust outlet create quite a bit of noise, and consume a larger amount of energy.

Besides, the locations of the blower and where the air-con is installed are not conducive to maximising the cooling efficacy. This is because the area the cooled air can reach is small. In addition, the cooling component is exposed to high humidity thus prone to aging. Therefore, in European countries and the US, people rarely use the window air-con.


New development

For most window air-con available on the market, the blower is on the right side of the machine. Some may have its blowers on top, the left, both the left and the right, or on all three sides. This is an attempt to solve the problem of low cooling efficacy.

But recently we also see a new development: blowers are now wider which allow a wider blowing area. At the moment, it is hard to find air-cons whose blowers are only on the right because of the resulting low cooling efficacy.

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