Affordable Ways to Keep Your Trainers Sparkly Clean

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Keeping your trainers clean in the monsoon season seems like a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be! To avoid dirty water staining your Nikes, you can visit a sports equipment store and buy waterproof spray especially designed for trainers.

The only problem is that, these waterproof sprays are pretty expensive. Is there a cheaper way to protect your trainers? For sure there is!


Candle wax

Arguably the cheapest way out there.

Here’s what you’ll need: candles, patience and a steady hand.

First, rub candle wax on your trainers as if it were a crayon. Then use a blow dryer to melt the wax. As long as the wax is absorbed into the material, your trainers will be waterproof.

Rubbing the wax in might take a bit of elbow grease. Also, the application has to be even to be effectively waterproof. But for DIY lovers, this method might actually be fun.


Fabric waterproof spray for outdoor use

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Trainers Sparkly Clean

Scotchgard™ Heavy Duty Water Shield (10.5oz) is quite a bargain for its price at 60 HKD. Just give your trainers a spray and they will be water-resistant in no time.

Apart from trainers, this pray can also be used on polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather and suede. This means you waterproof your tents, sports equipment, canvas bags and rucksacks.

While the spray protects your gear from rain, snow and humidity, the air permeability of the fabric is preserved. The formula also dries quickly and leaves no odour.


WD-40, the multipurpose domestic hero

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Trainers Sparkly Clean

Listed by Times as one of the greatest inventions in the world, WD-40 is said to have at least 2000 uses. According to official information, WD-40 can be used to keep white trainers clean, water-repelling and waterproof. With just one application, white trainers can stay sparkly clean for long period of use.


3M™ Athletic Shoes Cleaner (50ml)

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Trainers Sparkly Clean

Selling at 20 HKD per bottle, 3M™ Athletic Shoes Cleaner is designed to remove stains on the go. The small size of the bottle makes it portable, so that when you see stains on your shoes, you can clear them right away.

This cleaner is most suitable for faux leather, but not for fabric, velvet and suede. Apply a small amount on the hidden area of the shoe to test if the spray is suitable for its material.

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