Amazing Game Room Ideas

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Are you a gamer who can’t live without video games?

Or would you like your friends and family to join you in interesting arcade games but you do not have a specific space for them?

Here are some amazing game room ideas give you a boost when designing your own.


Different audiences will favour different styles of interior design. For example, those who enjoy fantasy may like their bedroom designed like a castle, while those who like animals would like their home to resemble a forest. It’s the same for those who love games, as they may like a video-game-themed bedroom to rest and play at the same time!


For a theme like this, more effort may be needed for the design of the furniture and decorations so that the room will look spectacular. You may include video game elements to recreate a scene from your favourite game in your room.


Star Wars fans will love this themed room.

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Image via Homeifeng

Some design tips for this theme include:

  • Turning the room into a space capsule – absolutely cool!
  • Customizing furniture and decorations; for example, a ceiling lamp that looks like a satellite and a Star Wars character-themed carpet.
  • Set your imagination free and include arcade games, posters, stickers and other paraphernalia related to Star Wars to make your game room full of fun!


A wonderful Super Mario-themed game room will bring back fond childhood memories and be suitable for fans of the Super Mario video game franchise.

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Image via Bedroom Decor Images by Technology & Gad.S

Here is how you can design it:

  • Use elements from the video game to decorate the room; for example, water pipes, gold coins, green bricks, and red mushroom-like decorations with white polka dots.
  • White dots on red bedsheets and tablecloths can be used to make the room livelier and more childlike.
  • Do not forget the Super Mario video games which you can enjoy on your gaming console during your free time!


The streetfighter-themed game room will be a paradise for fans of this classic arcade game.

Tips for designing a room with this theme include:

  • Putting in classic video game machines and devices as furnishings
  • Throwing in colourful furniture like stools and tables
  • Adding figurines and posters from the Street Fighter game franchise


Released in 1894, Tetris has become one of the most popular games of all time. Here are the features that you can include while designing a Tetris-themed game room.

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Image via TenStickers

  • Light shades and colourful tones
  • Tetris wall stickers or decorations (coloured square tiles)
  • Simple furnishings


You can include some of the trendiest gaming gadgets in your room. Some popular gadgets today include:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • XiaoMi Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Microsoft XBox
  • Playstation

There are more gaming consoles out there in the market, so there is something for everyone. Consoles with different features and appearances, both portable and non-portable, are available out there depending on your preferences. 

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Image via Freepik


What is a game room without games? Especially video games! Include some video games in your gaming space.

Here are the Top 5 classic video games:

  • Super Mario Bros
  • Ms.Pacman
  • Street Fighter
  • Tetris
  • Harvest Moon

And here are other video games that became popular this year:

  • Animal Crossing
  • Spelunky 2
  • F1 2020
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Hades

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Image via Unsplash by Denise Jans

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Image via Unsplash by Sara Kurfe


These are some extra useful tips for you when designing your game room:

  • Make sure you have good sound and lighting systems in the room to enhance your playing experience
  • Take measurements of your room to ensure that you have enough space for the furniture and decorations to be placed
  • Get a good gaming chair for your comfort and relaxation
  • Include a wifi router for your game room in order to get a good Internet connection
  • Plan your budget before purchasing decorations or gadgets for the game room
  • Be as creative as possible and create a personalized game room of your own!

In conclusion, a game room needs a great theme, the right gadgets, careful planning, and creativity to be designed well. Preparation is important before we get to designing. Feel free to share this article with your family and friends if you are feeling inspired in creating your own game room!


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