5 Ways to Soundproof the Bedroom

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It’s bedtime, finally you can take a rest, drift into peaceful oblivion.

And then the noise comes, louder and louder as your ears adjust to the quiet of the night. The traffic outside, the clicking of doors, chatting, neighbours upstairs dropping things on the floor…

To protect your sleep, the bedroom must be thoroughly soundproofed. Here are the bedroom items you can soundproof to safeguard that tranquil eight-hour you need.



Walls in the bedroom are usually painted or decorated with wallpaper, but nowadays, diatom mud is a popular choice of wall decoration which has an excellent soundproofing quality.

(Diatom mud contains air bubbles which absorb soundwaves effectively.)

If you want to step it up, you can also install soundproof material on the ceiling.

What’s trending right now is a kind of thick, soft cushioning for the ceiling which not only looks chic, but also provides sound insulation.



The bedroom door has to look beautiful and in harmony with the rest of the interior, of course.

But apart from that, it also should possess good soundproofing qualities.

Mainstream types of door include solid wood doors, fibreboard doors, and steel-wood doors. The former two tend to be more sound-insulating.

When buying a bedroom door, pay attention to the filling material of the door. More solid material should provide better sound insulation.



For homes in proximity with the streets, to foster a comfortable living environment, sound insulation is crucial.

Windows are the main openings that might allow sound to enter the interior.

That’s why you should take extra care when purchasing windows for your home.

The frame and the glazing are the two things which determine a window’s soundproofing ability.

Aluminium alloy and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) are the common window frame materials you can find on the market. Their soundproofing qualities are quite good.

In general, the thicker the material, the better its insulating qualities. It will be more expensive at the same time.

Since soundwave has to be transmitted through a medium, for single glazed windows, opt for vacuum insulated glass for the best soundproofing effect possible.



Home owners living on the top floors often frustrate over how noise readily transmits from the rooftop. For this reason, ceiling soundproofing is an absolute necessity.

You can install sound-absorbing foam, high-density foam boards or fabric soundproofing boards on the ceiling to soundproof their bedrooms.



There are still more you can do to soundproof your bedroom after the renovation procedures are finished.

The fabric of thick and sturdy curtains and carpets are also good soundproofing materials that you can use to decorate the bedroom.

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