What is the Best Toilet for Your Home?

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What is the Best Toilet for Your Home?

What is the Best Toilet for Your Home?

A good toilet should be easy to clean, has good appearance, and comfortable. But it is far from enough to be a perfect toilet for you.

So, what is a perfect toilet?

I guess you may think of the following features and functions.

Air Shield Deodorizer

Air current creates a barrier within the bowl to prevent odors from escaping into the atmosphere while it powerfully removes odors.

Heated Seat with Temperature Control

Having heated seat function ensures total comfort regardless of weather and seasons.

Dual Nozzle

In addition to a rear washing nozzle, Dual Nozzle features a separate feminine front washing nozzle for gentle cleaning experience.

Auto Open & Close

Toilet lid opens automatically when you approach the toilet and closes as you walk away.

What is the Best Toilet for Your Home?

Above are some of the features and functions of INAX SATIS Shower toilet.

INAX originated from the Changsha kiln, one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, and started with fired tiles.

INAX products have a long history in Japan, and their toilets have been widely welcomed by the public in Hong Kong.

Come visit us to try and learn more about the perfect toilet you’ve ever seen!

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