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When it comes to Bohemia, you may naturally think of a big tent in the field. And then the gypsies lay on the cushions and carpets with pattern and sing. You may think that the structure of houses in Asia greatly limits your pursuit of bohemian style. So as to highlight the free spirit. However, there is a style called “Boho” (bohemia + hippie) in Japan, which uses a bohemian mix and match style to highlight the free spirit.

1.Short furniture with romantic wandering atmosphere

In order to achieve the wandering atmosphere of Bohemia, try to use short height furniture, reduce large pieces of furniture, place colorful carpets on the ground, and add cushions with patterns to create a sense of wandering on the floor. The bedrooms can also be decorated in the same way, with mattresses laid over the slatted headboards. This floor-mounted furniture can greatly increase the sense of space. Various fabrics can be hung on the wall for balanced vision.

Boho style:現代爛漫波希米亞設計風格

2.No need for meticulous brand-new decoration but to advocate nature

If you want to present a feeling that the wandering people who pursue natural beauty, you need to pay attention in choosing the materials. You don’t need to unify the style of materials. Furniture mixed with natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, cotton, linen, and cloth can add visual appeal, such as fringed quilts, carpets, bamboo and rattan rocking chairs, etc. In addition, you can also place your own collection without reservation, reflecting the bohemian temperature from the rough mix.

Boho style:現代爛漫波希米亞設計風格

The use of some older furniture, such as those that retain the original wood color and natural wood grain, can emphasize the simple and retro tone of returning to nature.

3.Bold color matching, visual impulse and balance

The bohemian pattern is bold and rich in color. In order to avoid being tired by the colorful colors, the wall color should be in low saturation, such as off-white, gray, pink or green. A plain background adds softness to the space. Paired with high-saturation color pattern furniture, the whole environment is comfortable and lively.

The off-white wood-grain floor tiles in the living room are just like a large canvas, which can be contrasted with various strong bohemian furniture to balance the visual perception. If the bathroom is dominated by white, you can use colored or totem tiles to make the bathroom “warm”.


Boho style focuses on the warmth and nature, the layered configuration, the collision of colors, and the free use of decorations are used to show strong individualism. You can also become a bohemian in the city, return home from a modern, simple and fashionable city, and lie on the cushion to follow spiritual freedom.


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