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(Guest Writer: Zachary Weiner)

What equates to the comfy and leg-warming feel of a carpet? – Probably nothing, right? Carpets provide a luxurious soft feeling that many homeowners crave for and love. However, it reaches a point where you need to get rid of your old carpet. With time, you’ll probably need the help of carpet removal experts to get rid of the old carpet.

You could argue that carpets need more maintenance and time. However, there’s no better substitute for them, especially when talking about overall comfort, sound absorption, and warmth. It is often difficult for some to replace their old carpets. This is simply out of lack of knowledge on the right material, colour, and design.

Some materials need cleaning frequently, which wouldn’t be appropriate for a busy homeowner. Others may be pricey, and you’re just looking for a cheaper option. Whatever your preferences are, we have you covered with the best carpet design and maintenance tips.

Carpet Replacement Design Tips

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Consider Going Green

You might be shocked to hear this – did you know that some carpets take a toll on your health? Well, in case this is news to you, then you better stay put and learn more. Some carpet adhesives and paddings can affect your health.

Have you ever been around new carpets or other floor materials? There’s that distinct smell you notice. That smell occurs due to the volatile organic compounds, which may affect the air quality inside the house. These compounds can lead to different complications including asthma and other allergies.

To cut down these challenges, it would go a long way to choose natural carpets. These include materials such as jute, wool, and other organic materials. Also, to prevent toxic fumes from harming your family, it is advisable to use chemical-free dyes.

During carpet removal, remember to save the environment. Therefore, consider hiring professionals who have well-defined means of handling junk. Ways that don’t cause any havoc to Mother Nature.

Compare Patterns and Colours

Don’t land on one pattern or colour and hurry in purchasing it. There’s more to look for and analyze. There are plenty of designs in the market, and you can easily get spoilt for choice. Your decision might be a little more challenging, especially if you are looking to select the right finishing.

Take time and analyze every room, checking the tone and mood. Thereafter, get a carpet that matches the individual properties of each of the rooms. Some good colour suggestions include the following:

  • Light colours to make small rooms seem larger and more open.
  • Warm red or golden shades to make large spaces feel cosier.
  • Cool greens or blues to create a calm and peaceful setting.

In case you’re claustrophobic, then it would be wise to try tan or cream. Besides, the decision of which design to pick will depend on whether the carpet serves as a fade into the background, or as the main idea. In the case of the former, you’ll need to go neutral on the carpet’s design/colour. This will let your artworks and furnishings stand out as the primary idea in the room.

Consider the Maintenance before the Carpet Removal Process

Before you hurry into the carpet removal, and purchase a new carpet, consider what maintenance you’ll have to live with. In case you’re ever busy and out of the house, you’ll probably want an option that fits into your routine.

Always purchase a carpet that you can maintain easily. Otherwise, you’ll have a big mess that won’t be pleasing inside the house. When you are a parent, whether to kids or pets, you’d want to avoid hard-to-clean carpets and rugs. It would also be best if you avoid high-end carpets, as they’ll probably take up more time to clean.

If you’re looking to cut down your cleaning time by a significant margin, then stain-resistant carpets would be the best. Even when you encounter accidental spills on the carpet, you won’t have a big hustle cleaning.

Before committing to carpet removal and buying a new variant, ask the salesperson about the maintenance. Ask them how soon you’ll need to clean the carpet, after every clean-up session. In addition, you’ll need to ask about the type of equipment you’ll need for the clean-up. Unless you have the time, skip any designs that need rigorous cleaning sessions.

Check on Your Budget

You don’t want to blow your budget out of its proportion just because you’re purchasing a carpet. Even the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing carpet shouldn’t make you break the bank. Carpets normally don’t cost a fortune, unless you’re buying one from the museum.

Take time and search for a design that fits into your budget. No need to rush into carpet removal only to find out that there’s no replacement you can afford. Besides, you might have to compare different suppliers and get the one that offers value for money.

Final Thoughts

The carpet design you choose should easily fit into the above recommendations. If it doesn’t, then you might be getting a raw deal. Before the carpet removal, get to know what replacement options you have.


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