[Cleaning Secrets] Lampshade cleaning methods of 5 kinds of lamps + maintenance tips

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Lamps are essential household items, which a lot of people usually don’t pay attention to. Nevertheless, the cleaning and maintenance of lamps in bedrooms, living rooms, special bathrooms and kitchens are very important. In addition to ceiling lamps, the recently popular irregular Nordic living room lamps are made of different materials, making the cleaning methods different. Let us tell you the ways to clean and maintain the lampshade now!

Consequences of not maintaining lamps

If the lamps are left uncleaned and unmaintained for a long time after renovation, the brightness will be reduced. When the lampshade is exposed to dirty environment continuously, its brightness will drop by 20% in one year. In places with a lot of oily fumes and dirt such as the kitchen, the brightness of the lamp will even drop by 40% in one year if it is not maintained. Therefore, we need to clean it at least once per year.

Cleaning methods of different kinds of lamps

[Cleaning Secrets] Lampshade cleaning methods of 5 kinds of lamps + maintenance tips

Glass lamps

Glass lamps are a common style of lamps. The transparency will upgrade the style at home, but the dirt and dust can be very obvious. The following cleaning methods can be used for glass lamps:

  • Start with checking whether the lampshade is detachable
  • Detachable: just wash with water and wipe dry
  • Non-detachable: use special cleaning cloth for glass, or scrub with glass cleaner

[Cleaning Secrets] Lampshade cleaning methods of 5 kinds of lamps + maintenance tips

Metal lamps

Recently, industrial and Nordic interior design styles are popular. Lamps with these design styles are mostly made of metallic materials, bringing out a feeling of neatness and tidiness. The following cleaning methods can be used for metal lamps:

Basic cleaning method:

  • Regularly wipe off the dust with a duster
  • If there are oil stains or dirt, wipe with a slightly damp rag in the same direction, and then lightly wipe with a dry rag to avoid rusting or paint peeling


  • Avoid directly using a rag to wipe the metal surface vigorously, because the dust particles may scratch the metal surface, which will deteriorate the reflective effect of the lamp in the long-run.
  • If there is a fogging problem, you can use the furniture maintenance wax to wipe the metal surface in circles to improve the glossiness of the lamp.

[Cleaning Secrets] Lampshade cleaning methods of 5 kinds of lamps + maintenance tips

Cloth lamps

Cloth lamps are more common for table lamps and upright floor lamps, showing a soft and elegant feeling. However, everyone knows that dust accumulates on cloth surfaces easily and regular cleaning is required. Most cloth lampshades are detachable and can be washed. The following cleaning methods can be used for cloth lamps:

  • Use vacuum cleaner, duster to remove dust on the surface
  • Wipe with a dry rag dampened with a little fabric cleaner


Pay attention to the material of the cloth lamps first. Some cloth lamps are made of paper inside, so they are not suitable for cleaning with furniture cleaner.

[Cleaning Secrets] Lampshade cleaning methods of 5 kinds of lamps + maintenance tips

LED lamps

LED lamps are energy-efficient and stable, and are also suitable for different interior design styles. They are now very popular in many households. However, LED lamps cannot be dipped in water. They are usually installed in dry areas like living rooms or bedrooms and the cleaning method should not involve water. The following cleaning methods can be used for LED lamps:

  • Wipe with a dry cloth and duster
  • Stubborn dirt can be wiped with a dry cloth dampened with a little water and wiped dry immediately

[Cleaning Secrets] Lampshade cleaning methods of 5 kinds of lamps + maintenance tips

Crystal lamps

Crystal lamps are expensive, and in order to maintain their brightness, they must be cleaned more carefully. Most crystal lamps have complicated structures so as to show off its grandness, you can follow the steps below if you really want to clean it yourself:

  • Spray crystal cleaner to remove the dust on the surface of the lamp as the liquid evaporates
  • Or wipe it with a towel with special cleaner
  • If the lamp is stained with stubborn dirt such as grease, it is recommended to find professionals to deal with it directly


Lamp maintenance tips

Lamp maintenance tip 1: Do not frequently turn the lamps on and off

When the lamp is turned on, the current passing through the filament will be greater than the current under normal operation, which will cause the temperature of the filament to rise sharply. Therefore, frequent switching of the lamp will reduce its lifespan, and the switching should be minimized if possible.

Lamp maintenance tip 2: Protect the lamp from moisture

In wet and dirty places, the lamps are prone to rusting, which shorten its lifespan. Therefore, it is necessary to install moisture-proof lampshades for the lamps in bathrooms and in front of the gas stove in the kitchen to prevent the lamps from being affected by moisture, and to avoid rust damage, leakage of electricity and short circuits.


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