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Windows are an important source of light in the home, so it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the glass window. There are many ways to wash windows including detergents, tools like squeegee and even robotic window cleaner. In fact, cleaning windows can be very simple, and no specific detergent is needed. Let Deco-Man share the 4 important steps and skills of window cleaning.

The aluminum windows must be cleaned thoroughly, and the following four parts are indispensable:

  • Plastic edge
  • Window frame
  • Window Hinge
  • Glass

【清潔秘笈】洗窗方法教路 不能忽略的 4 個抹窗部份 擦窗神器是水磨砂紙?

1. Plastic edge cleaning

Moldy glass strips (silicone sealant) are very common after long-term usage, and are usually difficult to be cleaned. Just like the cleaning of silicone sealant in toilets, bleach water can be used to soak cloth or paper strips and cover the moldy part. Depending on the situation, the mold can probably be removed in about half an hour. If you want to completely remove the stubborn mold, 3M™ Magic™ Mildew Remover can penetrate into the bottom layer of the silicone sealant to remove the mold roots to prevent future troubles.

【清潔秘笈】洗窗方法教路 不能忽略的 4 個抹窗部份 擦窗神器是水磨砂紙?

2. Window frame cleaning

Generally, window frames are made of aluminium. Dust easily accumulates on the frame. Few people pay attention to the cleanliness of frames during cleaning process. In fact, the daily washing of window frames is very simple. You only need to prepare some water, add a spoonful of detergent, and after stirring, wipe the window frames with a cloth moistened with detergent water. No special detergent is required.

If some stains have eroded into the aluminum window frame, you can use 200 grit or below silicon carbide paper. The texture of the silicon carbide paper is relatively fine and suitable for metal surfaces. As long as the paper is wetted and polished on the stains on the window frame, the stains can be wiped away.

【清潔秘笈】洗窗方法教路 不能忽略的 4 個抹窗部份 擦窗神器是水磨砂紙?

3. Window hinge cleaning

Few people pay attention to aluminum window hinges. A lot of dust is accumulated on the surface after long-term exposure to outdoor environment. It is difficult to be cleaned with a rag. You can use an old dry toothbrush to brush the dirt. Then, try to wipe it with a dry cloth. After the hinge is free of dust, you can use detergent to clean it, because the wet dust will get stuck in the hinge, which increases the difficulty of cleaning.

4. Glass cleaning

The glass cleanliness affects the brightness of the room, so cleaning the glass is the key. Remember cleaning window glass should be the last step. The window wiping cloth should not be easily pilled. Dip it with detergent and wring it dry. You should wipe it up and down and prevent wiping back and forth to maximize the efficiency.


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