[Cleaning tips] Dust removal methods + 4 useful tools for removing dust

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Dust is a great enemy of household cleaning. Many people will have a question in mind: “Why is there dust even after cleaning?” In addition to using a dust sweep or electrostatic dust paper, there are actually a lot of dust removal techniques and methods. Today, let Deco-Man share dust removal methods and 4 dust removal tools for you!

Dust removal method

Dust on furniture is actually caused by static electricity. Static electricity will attract the dust, and over time the surrounding will become dusty. To make furniture less likely to accumulate dust, one simple tool, fabric softener is needed. The softener can provide a layer of lubricating protection to the object, which blocks static electricity, and reduce the speed of dust accumulation.

1. Prepare electrostatic dust paper, rags, water and softener first.

2. Before using the softener, thoroughly clean the surface of the furniture with an electrostatic dust paper. If you wipe it with a damp cloth first, the surface dust will clump and stick to the object, and it will become dirtier over time.

3. Add a small amount of softener to clean water, the ratio is about 1:40, too much softener will leave marks on the furniture.

4. Dip the cloth with water and softener, twist it dry and wipe the furniture.

【家居保養大法】除灰塵方法揭秘!家居防塵法寶 + 4 個除塵小工具

Dust removal tools

General households will use brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops and rags to remove dust and clean. In fact, there are many little dust removal tools that can reduce the effort of removing dust.

【家居保養大法】除灰塵方法揭秘!家居防塵法寶 + 4 個除塵小工具

1. Microfiber Rag

There are some towels made of microfiber on the market, which are made by a three-dimensional weaving method, which is of mushroom shape if looked closely. Dust particles will be trapped on the towel, so it is very suitable for removing dust. Besides, it has strong ability to absorb water and oily substances, which makes it popular among housewife.

【家居保養大法】除灰塵方法揭秘!家居防塵法寶 + 4 個除塵小工具

2. Pure cotton gloves

Dust is light in weight and it often fly around and when cleaning. You can wear cotton gloves for cleaning, because dust will adhere to the cotton fibers. So, you can wear cotton gloves to wipe delicate household items such as lamps, furnishings, glass, etc. The flying dust can be stuck by the gloves, which makes the cleaning process more convenient.

【家居保養大法】除灰塵方法揭秘!家居防塵法寶 + 4 個除塵小工具

3. Coffee filter paper

Dust on dark surface will be very conspicuous and some objects may need to be carefully cleaned, such as TV display screens. Coffee filter paper can be used as a dust removal tool. It is soft and has a dust-absorbing effect. It is very suitable for cleaning flat surfaces without leaving scratches.

【家居保養大法】除灰塵方法揭秘!家居防塵法寶 + 4 個除塵小工具

4. Clothes dust bag

There was a Japanese test that proved one of the sources of household dust formation is from clothes fibers. When clothing fibers fall, dust will be formed. Therefore, in order to reduce dust, it is equally important to protect objects with clothing fibers, whether it is quilt, bed covers, clothes, etc. If you don’t use them often, you can pack them in a dust-proof bag.


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