[Cleaning tips] How to wash thick duvet? Duvet cleaning and storage methods

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Summer arrives and it’s time to put away the winter quilt and take out the summer duvets. Everyone will wash the cover before storage, but most people don’t know whether the duvet itself can be cleaned. In fact, washing duvet is not as difficult as you imagined. Let Deco-Man share the ways to wash different duvets and how to store them!

【清潔秘笈】冬天厚被怎麼洗?羽絨被、大豆被、蠶絲被、羊毛被、纖維被 5 款被褥清洗收納大法

Cotton quilt

Cotton is the most traditional quilt component. The quilt is made of natural cotton fiber. It is thicker and is a commonly used quilt in winter. Cotton quilt cannot be washed with water. Washing with water will cause the cotton to clump, which is difficult to restore to its original shape, and its functionality will decline. Therefore, the correct way to clean is to bask it in the sun and lightly pat the quilt to remove the dust and maintain the bulkiness of the cotton, thereby maintaining its functionality to keep warm.

The cotton in the quilt has strong moisture absorption ability, so you need to pay attention to moisture problem when storing it. In addition, it is not recommended to put heavy stuff above the quilt when storing, because excessive squeezing will make the cotton compact and lose its heat storage capacity.

【清潔秘笈】冬天厚被怎麼洗?羽絨被、大豆被、蠶絲被、羊毛被、纖維被 5 款被褥清洗收納大法

Down duvet

The inner core of the duvet is made by animal down, mostly from goose or duck. Down has higher warmth retention ability than cotton and other plant fibers. The three-dimensional structure of the down stores a lot of air, which can retain the heat emitted by humans and effectively keep the user warm. The quilt itself is also lighter.

The duvet can be washed in machine or water, but it also needs to be cleaned in a gentle mode with neutral detergent, because acidic or alkaline detergents will damage the down fiber itself. After washing, it can be dried in a ventilated place and avoid exposure to the sun. If you want to clean it thoroughly, you can consider sending it to a dry cleaning every 5-7 months.

In order to maintain the permeability of the duvet, it is necessary to avoid using plastic or fiber duvet cover, so as to prevent the inner core of the duvet from being damp and moldy and causing peculiar smell. It should also be stored in a dry place.

【清潔秘笈】冬天厚被怎麼洗?羽絨被、大豆被、蠶絲被、羊毛被、纖維被 5 款被褥清洗收納大法

Silk duvet

Silk duvet is another kind of animal protein fiber. It’s soft and permeable at the same time, which can be used during all seasons. So, silk is a premium material for producing duvet. Additionally, production process of silk duvet does not contain any chemical materials or pesticides, so pure silk duvet with good quality is a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Silk duvets are difficult to clean. Like cotton quilts, they cannot be washed with water because they will clump and also cannot be exposed to the sun, which will make the fibers brittle. So, they can only be placed in a cool place for ventilation. For storage, in order not to deform the silk, the silk quilt cannot be squeezed in a vacuum and should not be pressed with heavy objects.

【清潔秘笈】冬天厚被怎麼洗?羽絨被、大豆被、蠶絲被、羊毛被、纖維被 5 款被褥清洗收納大法

Wool duvet

The curling characteristic of wool makes the wool duvet contain a large amount of air, and slow down the heat transfer rate, so it can prevent the intrusion of cold air and able to maintain a high degree of warmth as well as being the most fire-resistant quilt.

Anyone who has woolen clothes would know that wool is not recommend to be washed, so if you wish to wash the wool duvet, you need to take it for dry cleaning. If you want to keep the duvet clean, you dry the duvet regularly in the evening or early morning for 1-2 hours for dehumidification and bactericidal effect. For storage, you need to put insect repellent items at the same time to prevent the wool from being infested.

【清潔秘笈】冬天厚被怎麼洗?羽絨被、大豆被、蠶絲被、羊毛被、纖維被 5 款被褥清洗收納大法

Fiber quilt

Fiber quilt is actually made of man-made fiber. The advantage is that the maintenance is simpler than other animal and plant fibers. In addition to the condition that it is less likely to grow mold, it has a high elasticity so it will not shrink and the price is relatively low. However, it can only last for 2-3 years which is a much shorter lifespan than other well-maintained quilts. Since the chemical fiber is a plastic type, the air permeability of the quilt is relatively poor.

Cleaning fiber quilt is simpler than other types of quilts. It can be washed directly by the washing machine at low speed or washed by hands with weak alkaline detergent to clean it more thoroughly. However, it is not recommended to hung it up during drying as the cohesion between fibers is not strong. If we hung it up, it may cause uneven thickness and lose its warmth retaining ability.


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