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A high-quality pillow is a must for a good night’s sleep, but if the pillow is used for a long time, human secretions like sweat, saliva and grease could infiltrate and contaminate the pillow core, inducing the growth of mold. Therefore, regular cleaning of the pillow is very important. Pillow-cleaning is a hot topic in the internet, if you would like to know how to clean different types of pillows in different ways, let Deco-Man share all of them with you today!

Four Common Pillow Types

Memory Foam Pillow(Space Cotton Pillow) Down Pillow
Durability Average Long
  • Provide good support
  • Will not deform easily
  • High degree of adherence
  • Soft
  • Warmth-keeping
  • Permeable
  • Will not deform easily
  • Slow heat dissipation
  • Not washable
  • The hardness will change according to temperature and time
  • Weak support
  • Not washable
  • Not suitable for people with respiratory allergies

Cleaning Methods

It is generally recommended that pillows to be cleaned every three months to six months. While not all pillows can be washed and dried under the sun, so we must pay attention to the washing label of the pillow. If an unsuitable cleaning method is used, the life span of the pillow will be shortened, and it will be more likely to deform and lose its support. We will describe the correct cleaning method for the above four types of pillows.

【清潔秘笈】枕頭怎樣清洗?聚酯纖維枕頭、記憶枕、乳膠枕、羽絨枕 4 種枕頭清潔法

Memory Foam Pillow (Space Cotton Pillow) Cleaning

Memory Foam cannot be cleaned with washing machines and dryers since high temperature will damage the tissues such as sponge and polyurethane and cause deformation. Therefore, we can only use a vacuum cleaner with dust mite removing function to remove dander and dust. In addition, memory foam pillows usually come with a washable protective cover, so we only need to clean that protective cover.

【清潔秘笈】枕頭怎樣清洗?聚酯纖維枕頭、記憶枕、乳膠枕、羽絨枕 4 種枕頭清潔法

Latex Pillow Cleaning

Natural latex pillows are high-end pillows, which are generally more expensive, so we must handle it with care. It cannot be washed with washing machines and dryers since the latex will be torn if treated with force. On the other hand, washing with water will make the latex wet and even if the outer layer dries off, the numerous small holes in the inner layer may not be able to dry out completely. At the same time, high temperature will also make the latex pillow brittle, so it should not be exposed to the sun.

Therefore, the cleaning method of the latex pillow is the same as that of the memory foam pillow, we only need to use a vacuum cleaner with function of removing dust mites to absorb dander and dust, then place it in a cool place.

【清潔秘笈】枕頭怎樣清洗?聚酯纖維枕頭、記憶枕、乳膠枕、羽絨枕 4 種枕頭清潔法

Down Pillow Cleaning

The advantage of down pillows is that they are soft and good at warmth-keeping since they are filled with animal hair. As it is animal fiber, we only need to expose it under the sun and air-dried on a position with good ventilation for sterilization and removing moisture and smell. Unlike down jackets, down pillows are not recommended to be washed in order to prevent the fluff from forming into balls due to water and losing the original shape of the pillow.

Polyester Pillow Cleaning

Polyester pillows are man-made fibers, very commonly used, relatively cheap and easy to clean. The gentle mode of the washing machines can be used to clean polyester pillows and it can be dried under the sun or in a clothes dryer. However, if you use washing machine to clean and dry, please do not use long-term mode.

Tips for Machine-washing Pillows

Regardless of the type of pillow, if the laundry label states that your pillow can be machine washed, here are some few tips to keep in mind if you would like to extend the life span of your pillow:

  • Avoid using washing powder as if the washing powder does not dissolve, it will remain in the pillow, so it is better to use liquid detergent
  • Unlike laundry, pillow washing does not need to use softener as it will damage the bulkiness of the pillow
  • Consider washing two pillows at the same time to make the washing machine rotates more evenly
  • Pillows must be washed in a gentle mode since strong pulling and rotation may cause the pillow to deform
  • If you can use a clothes dryer to dry the pillows, the temperature should not be too high

The Life Span of Pillows

Even if you keep your pillows clean, pillows are always consumables, so pillows need to be replaced regularly to avoid losing support and worsening sleep quality. The following is the recommended replacement time for different types of pillows:

  • Memory Foam Pillow(Space Cotton): 2-3 years
  • Latex Pillow: 2-3 years
  • Down Pillow: 2-3 years
  • Polyester Fiber Pillow: 3 months


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