[Cooling down tips] Do you really know how to use electric fans? 6 ways of using fans to make you cooler

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In the hot summer, many people want to use fans instead of air conditioner to reduce the use of electricity. In addition to looking at the brand and whether the appearance of the electric fan can match the interior design, how can the indoor space be cooled by using fans? Let Deco-Man to teach you how to use the fan wisely, and it will cool down your home immediately!

【夏日降溫大法】風扇你識唔識用? 5 招電風扇使用技巧令家居涼快!

1. Place the fan as close to doors or windows as possible

When the windows and doors are opened, putting the fan by the windows or doors can draw the outside air into the room or the indoor air out of the room to let the air circulate more and achieve the effect of cooling down.

2. Blow in the longest and straightest direction

Placing the fan at the end of the longest straight line in the room will circulate the air in the fastest way and accelerate the cooling effect.

3. “Blow out at noon” and “blow in at night”

When the windows and doors are open and there is no air-conditioning, we usually blow the fan towards ourselves or indoors. But when the indoor air is relatively hot, it may not be able to reduce the indoor temperature. If the purpose is to cool down the indoor, you can consider using the fan at an open window or door to send the indoor hot air out of the room to speed up the cooling.

In the early morning or at night, the temperature of outdoor air should be lower than the indoor air. At this time, the fan can be placed by the window and blow towards the room, which will send cool air into the room.

4. Do not blow directly on the human body, but on the wall

People’s body temperature drops slowly while sleeping. If you let the fan blow directly at the person in order to quickly lower the body temperature before going to bed, it may cause a cold. Therefore, it is recommended to blow the fan against the wall while sleeping and let the wind bounce on the wall. This way can also achieve the cooling effect.

【夏日降溫大法】風扇你識唔識用? 5 招電風扇使用技巧令家居涼快!

5. Blow up

In response to the principle that the hot air rises and the cold air sinks, heat will accumulate in the ceiling, and then the entire room will become very hot. You can try tuning the fan at a 45-degree angle to blow up the cold air. After the hot and cold air is mixed, the room temperature can drop easier.

At the same time, when the fan is placed at a pitch angle and swing, the air supply range will be wider and air will circulate easier too.

6. Place the fan with ice water

If the room temperature is too high to feel the cold air, there is another trick that has been successfully tested by many netizens. Put a big bottle of water in the fridge and let it freeze, then place it in front of the fan. The fan can send out cold air to other places in the room, and the room temperature will naturally drop.


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