Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

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Wallpaper is a commonly-seen interior piece in our homes. It is not just decorative but also a major deciding factor in making your walls look unique and clean.

There are many different types of wallpapers out there, with different textures, patterns, or materials available in the market. For homeowners looking to design an interior that expresses their own personalities, knowing how to choose suitable wallpaper is important.

If you are still unsure about having wallpapers in your home, read on as we will be sharing some special wallpaper ideas and installation tips with you.



3D (short for ‘three-dimensional’) is a well-known term in both scientific and mathematical fields. It is often referred to as something with a three-dimensional surface or representation.

To make the walls in your home pop, you may use trendy 3D wallpapers to cover them. You can install them anywhere, including kitchens and bedrooms. There are all kinds of patterns and textures for you to pick from, with several kid-friendly ones.

These 3D wallpapers are popular and attractive because they make your walls look like they have more than two dimensions. Installing these wallpapers will also help make your home look more spacious and modernized.

Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

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Striped wallpapers are also a great choice for homeowners because they can make the interior look bigger. There are a variety of striped wallpaper patterns available in the market, including zigzags, glitters, and pinstripes.

There are plenty of possibilities with colour matching and aesthetic effects if you are using striped wallpapers. You can have them installed vertically or horizontally, so you can play around freely with the visual width and height of your space.

If you want a more subtle feel, you may want to use complementing or matching colours for the wallpaper stripes. If you prefer your wall or room to stand out, go for wallpaper stripes with contrasting colours.

Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

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The special brushstrokes and textures of watercolour art can be both wild and literary. There are many choices for colours and patterns, and they can be easily changed according to the interior design style of your home.

Compared with traditional wallpapers, watercolour wallpapers look more modern and artistic. They can be paired with bright colours, therefore greatly reducing visual pressure on the space.

Watercolour wallpapers can create a lovely effect on your walls and give an elegant look to your living space. The Oriental or Asian Zen interior styles may be the best matches for them.

Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

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The chosen wallpaper colours will have a great influence on the overall style and atmosphere of the room. This selection of colours depends mainly on the direction of the room. 

The south-facing and east-facing rooms should have sufficient light sources, so cool grey-toned wallpaper can be used. 

The north-facing rooms generally have insufficient light sources, so cool colours such as blue and purple should not be used. Rather, cream-like colours like white or beige are more suitable colours. You may also go for wallpapers that use warm colours such as yellow, light orange, light brown, or red.

In addition, colours can be used to create a sunny atmosphere. If there are green plants outside, scattering light and shadow throughout the room, use light purple, light yellow, light pink, or other warm colours to match.

If there is a large area consisting of red bricks or bright warm colours outside your room, go for wallpapers in light yellow or brown to brighten it up.



The bedroom should give its users feelings of warmth and relaxation, preferably designed to lull people to sleep easily at bedtime.  Thus, wallpapers in cool or dark colours may be suitable for bedrooms.

However, if you prefer bright wallpaper, your bedroom will be livened up so that you have plenty of energy when awake.

If you like the feeling of tranquillity when you sleep, add thicker or darker curtains. Such curtains will have a calming effect on the bedroom at night-time and can be drawn to let sunlight in when you are awake.


Go for bright-coloured wallpaper or wallpaper with cartoon prints on it. You can also use cartoon-printed patterns on the upper part of your wall and plain wallpaper at the bottom of your wall, creating a happy and neat look.

To conclude, having creative wallpapers can create fantastic effects on your walls. If you are inspired, it’s time to shop for some wallpaper and give your walls a quality makeover!


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