Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

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Design 4 Space’s transformation of this 4-room HDB proves that ‘industrial warmth’ is not an oxymoron.

Singaporean designers have always devoted their utmost to brighten up HDBs that might have otherwise be boring.

By the sheer brilliance of design, Design 4 Space has turned this humble 4-room HDB situated in the east of Singapore into a simple, stylistic space that does not lack in fun and function.


How warm!

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

What takes precedence in this design is the introduction of warmth and playfulness.

The tiles on the walls and the floor are large in size, which appears to be bold and stone cold.

To introduce warmth to the interior, the designer adds a generous amount of rusty colours in the forms of fabric and leather, both of which feel welcoming to the touch.

The Vespa cut in half might not be as comfortable to sit on than the sofa. But the visual impact is just astounding: it is as if the motorbike enters a portal in the middle of the living room only to emerge from behind the wall!

In fact, the surreal playfulness is essential in counterbalancing the roughness of the Industrial design.

This display of imagination makes this design an eclectic style based on Industrial design.

You don’t have to examine this space closely to realise that the positions of furniture in the living room is simplistic. There is not a hint of overthinking in where the sofas and the TV go.

In fact, excessive design might not be the key to an interesting interior. With the right tones and finishing touches, the industrial storage house just cannot be boring!


Lighting is key

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

The Pasadena lamp featured on the left side of the living room is one of the most emblematic industrial essentials.

The bare railings of the pendant lamps might look rough and masculine. But the saturated lights soften the Industrial roughness, resulting in a chic and homely atmosphere.


White for kitchen

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

Notice the piping/ lighting decoration on the ceiling. Even in a space as domestic as the kitchen, the designer has been able to introduce Industrial elements to the arena.

The custom-made kitchen cabinets have a cyber, almost futuristic look to it. Despite the risk of staining, monochromatic kitchens are very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

Imagine waking up to a cuppa joe in a bright, white kitchen, nothing wakes you up quite like that!

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

Black railing and frames for the lighting is a consistent feature of the whole design. Toffee and other warm browns are the repeating colours which contrast against a clean, cool white background.


Design 4 Space Pte Ltd © is an established Interior Design firm in Singapore which had since evolved from a humble set-up into a fully integrated interior design outfit it is today. The firm specializes in HDB Interior Design | Condominium Interior Design | Landed New Erection/A&A Works | Commercial Projects.

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