[Design with pets] 3 pet-friendly interior design solutions to create enjoyable spaces for pet owners and pets

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Pet owners have put great efforts to create a pet-friendly environment at home. “Dog room design”, “dog-friendly decoration”, “cat interior design”, and “pet house interior design” have all become trending search terms on the Internet. In fact, besides soft decoration, pet decoration can also be considered from the planning stage of new home. Let Deco-Man teach you 3 special pet-friendly interior design solutions today!

Solution 1: Storable pet bowls drawer

Many people live in small flats and putting pet bowls or water bowls in the corridor or kitchen may take up too much spaces. If you have more than one pet, you may have to place even more bowls for them.

In order to prevent these facilities from reducing the space, special arrangements can be made during the design stage. A drawer can be added to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, in which pet bowls can be placed inside. When the pet finished eating, the drawer can be stowed, which saves space and does not affect the overall design.

【寵物裝修】學起來!貓咪狗狗主人都住得開心 3 個寵物友善室內設計方案

Solution 2: Turn the wash basin cabinet into a pet smart toilet

Can’t figure out where to put the cat litter box or dog toilet in the bathroom or find it very troublesome to clean the pet toilet under the wash basin?

Houseowners who love smart homes can consider the following design. An automatic flushing system can be installed under the wash basin. There are multiple water spray devices and sensors in the stainless steel pet toilet. When the sensor detects that the pet has left the toilet, it will spray water to flush away the excrement.

【寵物裝修】學起來!貓咪狗狗主人都住得開心 3 個寵物友善室內設計方案

Solution 3: Use gentle-feeling and scratch-resistant flooring

Wood floors are generally not recommended for pet-friendly designs, because pet flooring must be waterproof and scratch-resistant. What other safe and good-looking flooring can pet owners consider besides tiles?

You may try SPC flooring, which imitates the texture of the wood grain and the geometric well. More importantly, it is waterproof as its surface layer does not contain wood components. The wear-resistant layer makes it more durable than ordinary wood floors, which is very suitable homes with dogs.

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