Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

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“Great design answers a question, offers a solution, and solves a problem,” Dana Hughes, an Australian interior designer, once said.

Some parents have playful kids at home who refuse to sleep or take a nap. Why not solve this problem with a perfectly designed bedroom for your little ones?

In this article, we will be sharing handy design and Feng Shui tips for kids’ bedrooms. These tips will help you in making your kids play and rest comfortably in their own special spaces. Safety measures are also included to reduce the risk of danger or harm towards your little ones.


Kids are like the morning sun and the beautiful flowers of the earth. If you want your kids to develop healthily, it is important that their bedroom is in a suitable position.

It is recommended for the kids’ bedroom to be positioned at the east or south-east of the house as these two positions will allow enough morning sunlight into the room so that your kids can wake up energetic and in a good state. Sufficient sunlight will also ensure they will grow up well and active.

The west of the house is also a suitable position for your children’s bedroom as it allows enough afternoon sunlight to enter so that your kids can have a good afternoon nap. The west side, according to Feng Shui principles, belongs to the gold element, which is good for children’s health and growth.

There is also a difference in suitable locations for both girls’ and boys’ bedrooms. The girls’ bedroom should be in the south-east while the boys’ bedroom should be in the east.

Also, according to Feng Shui principles, children’s bedrooms should not be near the kitchen area or under a beam as these positions symbolize bad luck.


It is recommended for you to place a mat or carpet near the bed and table so as to help children avoid hurting themselves if they are on their knees or playing or running around the room.

In the kids’ bedroom, it is important to choose flooring that allows the movement of your kids and their toys. This flooring should be durable and resistant to wear-and-tear.

If your kids like moving toys such as cars, try not to place a carpet in their play zone. Rubber flooring is good enough for the bedroom as they are brightly coloured, popular with young children, and have better cushioning compared to wooden flooring. It is also smooth so that the moving toys will have no problem with their movements.

Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

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Remember to make sure that the furnishings in the bedroom are suited to your kids’ heights and made preferably in bright colours. In addition, the furniture in the bedroom should also be stable and strong so that they will not topple over.

Also, try not to get furniture with thorny edges so that your kids will not get hurt if they bumped into or fell right next to them. If you have existing furniture with such edges, you can cover them with duct tape, removable rounded edges, or other cushiony materials.

It is a good idea to decorate the kids’ bedroom with green plants, flowers, hanging decorations, wall art, paintings, or other things that interest them as these additions may be beneficial to their growth.

Take note that fragile items should be kept at high places and wires on the floor should be carefully hidden so that your kids are not able to reach them lest accidents may happen.

To summarize, the furniture in the kids’ bedroom should be at the right places and made suitable for your kids to engage with, so be sure to select the right furnishings for them.

Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

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When your kids want to learn how to be independent and practise making the right decisions for themselves, it may be time to let them have their own bedroom, separated from the adults’ and other kids’ bedrooms.

If you want to encourage your kids to study and learn, you can get them desks and lockers. They can pick up information about the world around them from reading books. They may be also encouraged to learn how to keep their toys and books after using them.

Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

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Avoid having wind chimes in the bedroom as the sounds they make may disturb and distract your kids during their activities, especially if they are studying or doing homework. 

Keep the room free of dust to prevent your kids from falling sick. Cleaning the furniture and toys regularly is the best way to protect your kids against harmful germs.

Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

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In conclusion, kids need the right space to grow and learn, so their bedroom interiors are important and attention should be paid to how they are designed. If you know somebody who has kids and may benefit from these design tips, please do share this article with them!


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