Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration

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A place for work, learning and relaxation, a well-designed study room increases both your productivity and quality of life.

Ideally, the study room should maintain a sense of tranquility for the stimulation of thoughts. How exactly can you make a space like that for yourself? Deco-Man’s here to give you some tips.


Spatial design

In Hong Kong, where space is scarce and expensive, most families might have very little study space.

Therefore, home owners should give much care and consideration to the design of the study room.

Writing desks, bookshelves, and chairs are the essentials of a study room.

Well-designed furniture in the study space can make studying itself less dull. Also, choose furniture in cool colours for a calming effect.


Soundproofing concerns

The study room should be situated away from the living room and the hallway where you entertain guests.

The study room is no place for noise and distraction. Therefore, in study room renovation, consider using soundproof materials.

Install acoustic plasterboards for the ceiling, soundproof PVC panels for the walls and soft fabric for decoration.

For windows, use thicker curtains to block noise from the streets.

Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration



To avoid over-stressing your eyes, your work desk should be close to the windows where natural light can reach.

To alleviate the damage long hours of reading do to your eyes, opt for lighting with a white balance close to the soft morning sun.

Are you familiar with the concept of Human Centric Light?

Flicker-free and steady light sources will strain your eyes less, and make your studying more efficient.


Bookcase designs

Choose bookcases your study room can accommodate.

The bookcase that looks best to the eye might not be the most suitable for you. Those bookcases that touches the ceiling in Belle’s library only have a place in fairytale.

Think practically, books you cannot reach stay unread. Therefore, do not install bookcases where your hands cannot reach.

We recommend choosing smaller bookcases where you can store all the books you read regularly in one place.

Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration



To brighten up your study, decorate your work desk with fresh flowers and chic stationery. Herbal essential oils can calm your nerves when your anxiety is on the rise.

When it’s time to take a break, a comfortable sofa will do wonders to a tired, frazzled mind.

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