Before a DIY Paint Job: What You Should Know

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Whether you want to cut cost on renovation, or you genuinely enjoy painting your own walls, take a look at Decoman’s painting advice below to understand the crucial steps and precautions involved.


Painting your own walls: steps by step

Basic preparation before painting

Before the first brushstroke, visit your local hardware store to purchase specialised painting tools. Invest in a high-quality brush, so that at the event of application, you can achieve a more even and substantial coating.

A good paintbrush also gives a fuller coverage to the old colour underneath, and ensure the durability of the new coating which is able to withstand repeated scrubbing.

Moreover, before application, clean and sand the wall to make sure the wall surface and clean and even. After that, you can apply a nice, even coat of latex water-based paint.


Clear the wall surface

Wipe the dirt of the wall surface before painting. For uneven areas, use a trowel and some spackling compound to remove peeling plaster and fill dents.

Once the wall is mostly even, you can sand the surface and then begin painting.

Mix your paint before applying it to the wall. Let it rest for 20 minutes so that the bubbles trapped in the liquid can surface. Bypassing this step might lead to the presence of bubbles and tiny needle holes on the coating.


Apply a base coat

Apply a base coat on the wall surface as the foundation. Skipping this step and you wall might peel and discolour over time.

When mixing a latex water-based paint, follow the ratio closely as instructed. If the water content is higher than recommended, the resulting coating might not solidify well and the decorative purpose of the paint will be lost.


Wait for it to cure

After each application, give the paint adequate time to cure. Do not apply another coat before the previous coat is completely dry.

After curing, apply pressure to the paint with your fingertips. If the coating is not sticky to the touch, you can begin applying a second coat of paint.

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